Collective Exhibition at Hotel Saint Barth Isle de France

During the months of March and April, a collective exhibition is installed at Hotel Saint Barth Isle de France. To celebrate the Bucket Regatta 2014, Space SBH Gallery curated this exhibition of international artists: Julio Larraz, Marco Glaviano with his new diamond dust collection, Mario Arlati and his beautiful  textured pieces and photographs of St Barths by […]

Andrés Waissman’s collective exhibition at Milan

Space SBH is glad to recommend a collective exhibition where one of our artists, Andrés Waissman’s works are been exhibited. This show: “Trame” takes place at Barbara Frigerio art gallery in Milan, Italy from March 20th to May 4th, 2014. Amongst the other argentinian artists exhibiting with Waissman are Carolina Magnin, Silvia Rivas, Maxi Rossini […]