Mikhail Baryshnikov at Hotel Isle de France – St Barth through January and beyond

Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery is thrilled to invite you to the opening cocktail party of Mikhail Baryshnikov  solo exhibition at Hotel Isle de France – St. Barthélemy.

The exhibition will be on view all through the month of January and beyond.

Space is thrilled to present Mikhail Baryshnikov’s photography by capturing dance in motion through his eyes. Consisting of 8 special large fine art prints – this show is exclusive and limited . To purchase work or for all sales enquiries please contact info@spacesbh.com

This internationally acclaimed exhibition of dance photography travels from Venice Italy where it debuted earlier this year having first been exhibited in both Tel Aviv, Israel and Miami, Florida; After having an amazingly well-received show at Space SBH Gallery for this end of the year, and with the presence of the artist itself for the Opening night the past 21st December 2013 at the gallery, the show now moves to Hotel Isle de France – St. Barthélemy before it travel again to the next exhibition.

The images convey the fluidity of the dancers’ bodies and the movement is expressed beautifully through this blurred abstraction. Baryshnikov has moved to the other side of the lense. He understands implicity the movement, the timing, the energy and he captures the essence of the dance with his dancer’s eye, sharing it with us in this wonderful series of photographs.

“For two decades I used a conventional 35mm camera, and practiced traditional landscapes, portraits and travel shots in primarily black and white. I made a point of rejecting obvious opportunities to photograph dance, thinking the results were boring and unnecessary. Then, going through some old books of dance photography – notably Alexey Brodovitch’s Ballet, and Paul Himmel’s 1954 Ballet in Action – I discovered that abandoning the crystalline image in favor of blurred edges and amorphous figures approximates the excitement of dance in performances. Ilse Bing’s mesmerizing images of CanCan dancers at the Moulin Rouge, as well as her photos of Balanchine’s Errante, and perhaps most importantly, the recent images of Alexandra Beller in Dancer by Irving Penn were further evidence that the thrill of movement can be captured without being destroyed.” – MB

Space SBH – Contemporary Art Gallery, Carré D’Or, Gustavia, St Barth, 97133

For more information or any inquires contact Info@spacesbh.com