Vojo Stanić at Space this January

Caffe, 2005, oil on canvas, 70x100cm_resize


Space SBH – Contemporary Art Gallery, is delighted to present this inaugural  exhibition in St Barth, of Vojo Stanić.

The title of this special exhibition, ‘Sailing on Dreams’ could not better represent the life and work of Vojo Stanic. This special selection of paintings spans over 30 years of work in an extensive and active career that has been going strong for nearly 7 decades.

Vojo Stanic is a complete artist in every sense of the word. A wonderful sculptor and accomplished painter, he has also embraced many elements of different artistic movements through his studies, travels and experiences; having spent time in Paris, Rome, Venice, Norway and Russia and of course his native Montenegro and in doing so has created his own unique style.

It is a style which expresses joy through human connection and interaction, nature and creation and he documents with an eloquent simplicity the quotidien. Elements of surrealism punctuate his canvas, and his story telling often evokes the spirit of the impressionists through his café or woodland scenes although his landscapes are frequently accompanied by imaginative creatures and objects.

lovers - 2000-70x70cm

Space SBH is thrilled to present this important selection of paintings by such a leading international artist who so perfectly captures the rawness of human spirit and emotion.

Castle, 1999, oil on canvas, 60x60cm_resize


Show runs from January 6th – 15th 2014. This exhibition is in collaboration with Gayo Gallery, Montenegro.

For a full list of works available and pricing or for any other enquiry, please contact Space SBH – info@spacesbh.com