Andres Waissman at ECA: Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte de Mendoza

Space SBH is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “ABGRUND” by Andres Waissman at ECA: Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte de Mendoza, Argentina.
Opening night: Friday 6th December,  20:30 pm

Show runs from December 6th, 2013 to March 16th, 2014.


This exhibition designed by French curator Laetitia de Monteil (La Sorbonne Nouvelle, París & British Columbia University, Vancouver) will feature a mural viruta, a large scale installation of gesso animals, drawings on paper, and part of a series of black and white enamel paintings.

Peter Sloterdijk, German philosopher, suggests that artists capable of coming up with metaphors for the new stage of the human condition have emerged not only inside but also outside of the spherical global culture. Many of them are around the periphery, says the philosopher without naming anyone. Waissman’s art has those qualities that follow Sloterdijk’s line: “multi-spherical foams -that in this side of the periphery are steel shavings- that interfere with the atomizer isolation, that multiply the diversity of connections, the constant mobility of the interconnected dots, and that boost the irregularity of the global comprehensive structure. To inhabit the foam from the peripheries means that the idea itself of a global society ends up being questionable, this implies a point of view that is external to the bubble itself, from the outside of a structured whole, organized and allegedly intelligible”.

From that Argentinian border towards a global perspective is where ABGRUND emerges, strengthened since it has matured, its exciting, volcanic beauty reverberating in black and white. Absolutely contemporary, this work is not so much a scene as it is more pure action. It is impossible not to feel the beat of a world in display. Andrés Waissman, as well as the wise Tiresias, is both a blind and a sighted person. As a blind person he paints that other side, that other knowledge that dilutes in the deceptions of the eye; as a blind sighted person he seems to share with the occultism, and maybe also with a great deal of poetry, that saying that the dark side of the truth can, in its own way, illuminate the world. It is just that we have to see that truth through eyes other than the eyes. Each canvas, then, as a contraction of a dilated pupil constitutes the power of a world. A mutation takes place before its word; a mutation of archaic fantasies disrupting any artifice by light. Mythological animals with strange shapes are emerging from the shadows, as if from the cave of Plato. And the artist’s soul, as well as the one in that person watching, becomes tepid wax where those animals/monsters/shapes, can make us learn something about ourselves. The nocturnal aura of these pictures is the state of mind of the dream preceding the event that links the primitive scream to the founding of a social tissue that still does not fit.

Andrés Waissman is an artist that also knows about geology; about mutation of successive memory layers into ethical art. He knows that Society can only exist if the history’s sores sculpt the retina and let themselves be painted, that way: simple, powerful, beautiful, as folds of the future, initial explosions, movement, swell, shudder.

Extract from the text by Daniela Gutiérrez. Researcher, Essay writer.

FLACSO – IVSA (International Visual Sociology Association)