Arno Elias


Arno Elias (French, b.1977) is a fine artist best known for his sublime hand-painted photographs of African animals and tribal peoples. Through his artwork, Elias strives to communicate the importance of the relationship between man and nature: man influenced by the animal and the animal imprinted by man. In his hand-colored photographs, Elias applies the traditional colors of African tribes such as the Maasai, the Samburu and the Mursi that live side by side with these endangered species thereby making them interchangeable with the animal life with whom they share their lives and history. The works simultaneously show the beauty of our world, but also its fragility.

Arno Elias’ artwork has been displayed both domestically and internationally. He is represented by galleries in New York City, Miami, Paris, St Barth, Aspen, and San Francisco – a huge achievement for any artist but extremely notable for one as young as Elias. Elias’ artworks have also been featured in prestigious international publications including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle Magazine to name a few. His artwork can be view in the permanent collection of Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA); Brooklyn, NY.

Elias currently lives and works in Miami.

Solo Exhibitions

Arno Elias: Lost, Space Gallery St Barth, New York, NY

Art MRKT, Themes + Projects Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Art New York, Themes + Projects Gallery, New York, NY

The Unavoidable Temporality of Existence, Sojo Collection, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami FL

Group Exhibitions

Women as Muses, Denis Block Fine Art, Beverly Hills, CA

St Barths in the City, Space Gallery St Barth, New York, NY

Winter Collection, Space Gallery St Barth, Gustavia, St Barth
Art New York, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY

Art New York, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY
Context Art Miami, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY

Context Art Miami, BLANK SPACE, New York, NY


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