Philippe Pasqua


b.1965 Grasse, France

Philippe Pasqua began painting at the age of 18, and explores various techniques in his work, primarily painting, drawing and more recently, sculpture.

Pasqua’s work strikes the visitor with an almost physical impact, but also like a vision that is at the same time explosive and incisive. The monumental format of the artist’s grand drawings and canvases is dictated by the breadth of his gestures — a dance where brutality and finesse, trance and lucidity alternate.

With Pasqua, the taste for the monumental goes hand in hand with an attraction towards what is most vulnerable – bodies and faces, sometimes with stigmatising differences that the artist adopts and magnifies through his painting: for example, portraits of transsexuals or people who are blind. The work represents this tension or struggle between the conventional and the repressed or concealed.

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The face or the body becomes a halo, mist, smoke, stroke, vibration. It is no longer so much a case of flesh as of sketched contours and delicate textures. These “palimpsests” (works on paper) mix silk-painting techniques, printing and painting, where the painter goes over his own work and adds patches of colour to them or redesigns them.

Another major aspect of Pasqua’s work lies in his series of “vanités”. The technique employed evokes that of the silver and goldsmiths of the Middle Ages working on a reliquary, and also some kind of shamanic ritual. He covers human skulls with gold or silver leaf or sometimes in skins and then tattoos them. Then skulls are decorated with preserved butterflies, with their outstretched wings and their iridescent colours: the light is refracted on their coloured, powdery surface, or falls into the deep shadows in the eye sockets.

Recently Philippe Pasqua has become interested in cars, which he transforms. Taking the Ferrari F450, which was completely covered in leather, tattooed and then fixed to the wall, just as a table or wall sculpture. In this work Pasqua converts a machine into a desirable body. He plays with the themes of speed and immobility, and contrasts the mechanical and organic as well as danger and sensuality.

In 2010, Pasqua designed The Storage, a display and storage space, a workshop and a place for museum exhibitions, a sculpture garden: a space dedicated to artistic experimentation and to developing thoughts and ideas.

Through his extraordinary journey, Philippe Pasqua has emerged as one of the major artists of his generation and exhibits worldwide.

Solo Exhibitions

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Space SBH, St Barthelemy

Art Paris 2011, Grand Palais, Paris

Philippe Pasqua, “palimpseste” œuvres sur papier, galerie laurent strouk septembre-octobre
Philippe Pasqua, Peintures et dessins, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, organisé par Marc
Ivalevitch et David Rosenberg en partenariat avec la Galerie RX.

Philippe Pasqua, Stitung Ahlers Pro Arte, Hannovre, organisé par Peter Lipke
Crâne, ArtCurial, Paris
Crâne, Isola di San Servolo, Venice

Philippe Pasqua – Pulsion, Galerie RX et Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris

Patrick Painter Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Spike Gallery, New York

Centre culturel de la ville de Metz, France

Métamorphoses, Galerie RX, Paris

Galerie Hengevoss Dûrkop-Jensen, Hambourg
Lucille, Galerie RX, Paris

Les miroirs de l’âme (Portraits 1989 – 2001), Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp,
France, organisé par Erick Öge
Bloc portrait, Galerie Hengevoss-Durkop, Hambourg

Trauma, Galerie Hengevoss-Durkop-Jensen, Hambourg

Galerie Lucien Duranc, Paris
La machine à eau, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Mons, Belgique

Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, Mexico

Galerie Boulakia, Paris
Château de Grouchy, Osny, France
Espace Dautzenberg, Bruxelles
The international center, Detroit, Michigan

Galerie Wo Mang et Partners, Paris
Espace Confluence, Paris

Selected Group Exhibitions

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New Era, Galerie RX, Paris
C’est la vie ! Vanités de Caravage à Damien Hirst, organisée par Patrizia Nitti, directrice
artistique du Musée Maillol, Claudio Strinati, directeur général

Soutine and Modern Art, Cheim and Read Gallery, New York
Quintessence, Galerie RX, Paris
Au-delà du corps, Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Aixe-sur-Vienne, France
A3, Place St Sulpice, Paris, organisé par Sophie Actis
Beyond Paradise, Galerie RX, Paris
Artistes contemporain des galeries du 8e arrondissement, Ville de Paris
Inauguration, Galerie RX, Paris
Face Off, Galerie Aeroplastics Damasquine, Bruxelles
Narcisse blessé, Passage du Retz, Paris, organisé par Jean Michel Ribettes
Collages d’hier et d’aujourdhui, Galerie Lucien Durand – Le Gaillard, Paris

Fétiches, Fétichismes, Passage du Retz, Paris, organisé par Jean Michel Ribettes
Naço & Friends, Espace Via, Paris

80 artistes autour du Mondial, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris (avec Jeff Koons, Rotella,César, Matta, Clemente, Nam June Paik parmi d’autres)
Hygiène, Espace d’Art Yvonar Palix, Mexico (avec Orlan, Aziz + Cucher, Sandy Skoglund, Steve Miler)
Hygiène, Fondation La Source, La Guéroulde, France
Collection Ahrenberg : 50 ans d’histoire de l’art, organisé par Erick Öge, Musée des Beaux Arts, Mons, Belgique

3 Visions de l’Art contemporain français, Galerie Martini, Hong Kong

Association Aides, Espace Cardin, Paris
Chaussures d’Artistes, Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelone

Salon des Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui, Paris

Maison des Arts au Beausset, France

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