Sébastien Martinon

Born in Pointe-á-Pître, Guadeloupe
Resides in St. Barths


Sébastien Martinon is a French photographer based in St Barth and has called the island home since his family relocated there when he was 3 years old. After attending High School in France, he got his diploma in  Graphic design and Web development from the University of Montreal.
Martinon’s journey into photography began 15 years ago while working for other creatives in St Barth. He took his own initiative to capture the authenticity of the island, after growing tired of quote, “cheesy” photography. He started off doing so by experimenting in photography techniques and customizing cameras/lenses. Sébastien Martinon is especially known for the birth of “ Spirit of St Barth” Magazine first published in 2014 and now in its 6th edition. The magazine highlights the beauty and character of the island’s community and history, which is reflective in his photography of it’s architecture, people, day to day life and geology.
His 2015 series of individual islands with transcending background of colors took over a year and a half to complete, as he used long exposure to capture the metamorphic hues. Another 2015 photography series of Martinon’s captures planes hitting the skies from an historic airshow on the island. A friend of Martinon was able to get him in the middle of the runway, completely aligned with the plane for take off. Sébastien admitted, “ They were passing like 1.5 meters above my head, and I could feel the propeller blast.”