Bitacora de Vuelo

Raimundo Figueroa

January 22 – February 1, 2013

Space SBH presents an exhibition of new work by artist Raimundo Figueroa.

In the past year, Raimundo Figueroa has traveled extensively during which he collected small keepsakes and memories from daily life including stamps, notes from friends, postcards and love letters from strangers. Wherever he goes, Figueroa gathers information from all the locations he has traveled to like Paris, Athens, London, Miami, New York and many other locations and then creates a travel log, which is the title of the show: bitacora de vuelo.

It is then in the studio he revives the memories of his travels creating a body of work related to such experiences. The collages include erotic stories told to Raimundo by a 92 year old professor from the notorious University of Columbia in New York. These memories originally were put in a publication known as Y Bernalerias Y by Dr. Victor Bernal y del Rio in 2005.

These gems of narrative collages form a body of work that can be read individually, each collage as a small chapter of the whole story.

Raimundo’s passion for color is presented in an organic way through his canvases that come to life when the artist utilizes the process of applying color layer by layer. It creates a luminous field that irradiates by capturing light on its own. This is a very slow process that takes months and sometimes years for the completion of one work.

Raimundo Figueroa has worked on and off during the past ten years in the Caribbean, including St. Barthelemy, Mustique, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He has also worked in mayor cities like New York City, Paris, London and Amsterdam. His work is part of many important public and private collections in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

For further information and interviews with the artist please contact Space Gallery.

Show runs from January 22nd to February 1st 2013.
Private viewing by appointment.