Christian Charriere – Faces

Christian Charriere

November 10 - 17, 2016

This November Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery puts the spotlight on local artist Christian Charriere – a natural and self-taught talent, his portraits capture the very essence of his subjects.

This exhibition presents a number of iconic personalities who have inspired Charriere such as Mohammed Ali, Andy Warhol and David Bowie – as well as portraits of characters in today’s society such as the ‘hipster’ and the ‘tattoo girl’ who we recognise as familiar figures of today’s contemporary landscape.

His works and the precision with which he paints give his pieces a realism and photographic quality that is fascinating. From the glistening sweat on the skin of Ali or the fold of fabric of the shorts in the Warhol and Basquiat showdown – you can almost reach out and touch them. His use of light and shadow create striking resemblance to true flesh and his subjects come to life through his skilled depiction of them.

Christian Charriere was born in Meudon, France and lives and works in St Barth. His work is available at Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery, St Barth. For information about available works and the exhibition, contact [email protected]