Dancing Away (Monaco Edition)

Mikhail Baryshnikov

16 March 2015 – 7 April 2015

Mikhail Baryshnikov I Dancing Away (Monaco Edition)

16 March 2015 – 7 April 2015

Catalogue available
Vernissage in presence of the artist Friday 27th March
Galerie Columbia, 11 av Princesse Grace, 98000, Monaco

Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery and muse cultural consulting in collaboration with Galerie 11 Columbia, have the pleasure to present the first solo exhibition in Monaco of the photography of Mikhail Baryshnikov, world famous dancer, actor and accomplished photographer.


The acclaimed exhibition of dance photography comes immediately on the success of its recent London debut. ‘Dancing Away (Monaco Edition) is a visual representation of Baryshnikov’s very personal interpretation of dance and performance; an expert dancer’s reflection upon his own métier. The exhibition opens in March as part of the Principality of Monaco’s Année de la Russie celebrations.

As a photographer, Baryshnikov is in the unique position of ‘insider and outsider’ simultaneously. Whilst he may step out of his role as dancer, his intuitive “dancer’s eye” allows him to view every performance from a unique perspective. The images convey the fluidity of the dancers’ bodies and the movement is expressed beautifully through a blurred abstraction. Baryshnikov has moved to the other side of the lens. He understands implicitly the movement, the timing, the energy and the essence of the dance. His images capture this fluidity; nothing is static or posed, rather they evoke the enchanting image of dancers in flight. “I wanted the audience to see, to be able to imagine, the movement before and after, not just the frozen moment.”
Baryshnikov’s prints demonstrate the submersion of the dancer into his art, metaphorically symbolizing a dancer’s ability to be lost in the performance, or even the music. Dancing Away (Monaco Series) captures a magical moment that has inspired Baryshnikov. “I take thousand of images, and it takes me a long, long time to select. My eye catches it and my heart stops. This is exactly what I want.”

For more information about the exhibition including available works, events or to request a catalogue, please contact :

Natalie Clifford
Space SBH – Contemporary Art Gallery Carré D’Or, Gustavia, 97133, St Barthélémy [email protected] +590 690 73 73 57

Rita Caltagirone and Vanessa Erbaggio
muse cultural consulting, 20 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, 98000, Monaco [email protected] +33 6 07 93 44 18