Double Vision

Marco Cella, Marco Glaviano, Michael Kagan, Philippe Pasqua, Paolo Nicola Rossini, Dominique Rousserie

July 11 – August 31 2012

Space SBH presents ‘Double Vision’ – a selection of work by each of the artists the gallery represents. It is chance to catch the full range of photography and painting the gallery has offered in its first year’s program and a double take at each of the artists with a new selection of their work.

The painters…
The monumental work of Philippe Pasqua is striking. His bold use of colour and subject matter – which explore life, death and sexuality have a power yet vulnerability that is enthralling. Then there are the beach scenes by Michael Kagan which in his signature style capture an over exposure of light in sweeping movements and pastels which transport the viewer alongside the sundrenched bathers; a contemporary take on celebrating the ‘quotidien’. Dominique Rousserie’s exploration of the world around us and his fascination with botany following his travels and studies of plants with indigenous people in central and South America are manifested in his two molecular pieces which juxtapose the visibility and invisibility within nature all around us.

The photographers…
Marco Glaviano’s photography masterfully captures poise and beauty in striking portraits. Additionally many moments are captured with the St Barths landscape providing an appropriately beautiful backdrop. Alongside the legendary Glaviano are two young photographers at an earlier stage in their career. Marco Cella’s carefully considered portraits of St Barths have an elegance and stillness that is captivating. Paolo Nicola Rossini’s landscapes, cloudscapes and waterscapes appear suspended in time and space. They are indefinite and colours and details disappear with the images becoming an internal vision of reality from the mind of the photographer more so than a moment viewed by the camera lens.

Together the body of work is really about transitions – from life to death, externalizing an image from an internal vision, from dark into the light.

This summer, Space SBH has extended its show further to ‘EXTRA Space’ curating exhibitions at Tom Beach Art Studio, Elisa Bally interior design Showroom and at The Taiwana. This summer’s art extravaganza showcases all of these artists with work available though every price point to help spread Space SBH’s passion for art.

Private viewing by appointment.

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