‘Afterglow (Submerged) in the Naval Heritage Museum, Porto Montenegro

Nicole Etienne

June 19th - 30th, 2014

Space SBH is delighted to present Afterglow (Submerged) – An exhibition of new paintings by leading international artist Nicole Etienne.

The scientific world holds the secrets to the visual world it creates and what we see around us. The natural world and the beauty of the sky and the ocean and mountains have inspired artists for as long as art has existed.

This exhibition is a marriage and appreciation of the worlds of science and art – two worlds very intricately linked but absolutely different.

Scientist Dr Deborah Brosnan has been studying and photographing the underwater world throughout her career. The sumptuous hidden landscapes that remain unknown to many, have frequently been captured by her persistent camera lense and her images of this hidden world have served as inspiration for the scenes created by Etienne.

Etienne’s landscapes are opulent. They are as rich in colour as they are in texture. They are built up layer upon layer of oil paint mixed with mica chips, copper, silver and white gold and occasionally scattered with crystals and semi precious stones. More than being works of art, her pieces are like veritable bijoux.

This exhibit unlocks the secrets under the sea – Etienne’s canvases indulge our fantasy of sunken treasure. Some like little portholes serving as windows onto an unknown world. A glint of something shiny or sparkling catches our eye, the textures allure us. Like little treasure troves we feast on the gems created in these paintings.

Etienne’s seascapes are very ambiental. They capture the movement and energy of the ocean. Her canvases emote. Her practice probes the beauty inherent in the atmosphere and the interplay between the sky, land and sea; exploring the play of light upon water in an aesthetic, emotional, and visceral way. She does this by appealing to our senses and our intuition, and by drawing on earthy materials like aluminum, stones and metals. The finished work has an illuminated, romantic, powerful yet delicate presence which captures the shift between reality and paradise.

In celebrating the beauty of the natural world, so wonderfully captured in Nicole Etienne’s paintings we take the opportunity to explain behind what we see and draw attention to the ecological issues and our environment. We must protect our oceans, our reefs and marine life to preserve the beauty they present us. A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the Brosnan Center for conservation of the world’s reefs and oceans.

This exhibition is the first step in an evolving and ongoing unique international project and exhibition which through celebrating artistic creation aims also to create ecological awareness and the need for us to protect and preserve our natural environment. An educational purpose too. Submerged will next travel to Monaco.


Nicole Etienne’s work can be found in important public and private collections and she exhibits all over the world.

Show runs 19-30th June- Opening hours: 3-10pm daily

Opening cocktail in the presence of the artist to be hosted on Friday 20th June 2014, from 7-9pm

A catalogue of works is available with text contribution by Maryam Eisler, London.

First image: “Tempest Unlocked” Nicole Etienne, Diptych, 2014, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 200 x 109 cm per panel / 79 x 43 inches per panel or 200 x 218 cm total size / 79 x 43 inches total size.

Second Image: “Anthopleura”, Nicole Etienne, 2014, Oil and mixed media on canvas 40.6 x 30.5 cm /16 x 12 inches

Private viewing by appointment.

For all inquiries please contact [email protected]