Philip Colbert – Guess who?

Philip Colbert

November 24 - December 3, 2016


Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery is delighted to present for the first time in St Barth, Philip Colbert in his inaugural exhibition on island with a total takeover of the gallery space.

Living and working in London. Colbert is known for his multi-disciplinary approach, creating a “World of Art” working across Sculpture, painting, clothing and performance to create a unique contemporary voice.

He is known for his bold sequin embroidery paintings and sculptures and for having created the world renowned design brand THE RODNIK BAND. Described by Andre Leon Talley as “the Godson of Andy Warhol.”

Philip Colbert’s strong use of colour and abstraction of iconic imagery place his work within an engaging dialogue with the contemporary post pop art movement. Like his Pop Art predecessors, he employs distilled compelling symbols of mass culture and re-contextualizes them in his life to create a provocative, multi-disciplinary satirical language of his own.

“I am excited to be launching my new exhibition GUESS WHO in St.Barts with Space Gallery. The show explores the contemporary relevance of enduring pop icons such as MICKEY Mouse and playfully explores their relationship to art history and contemporary pop culture.”

Everyone knows what Mickey Mouse looks like, i wanted to playfully hide his image and present symbolic everyday objects that engage the power of his image with a refined pop Narrative, I liked the Idea that Mickey, the King of POP, offers the viewer a silvery platter to gauge the symbolic power of everyday thoughtful symbols that he holds, they are boldly humorous and accessible, yet they are deeply profound.”

Colbert conceives the 1950s American kitchen aesthetic as the foundation of ‘Pop’ and distills it with his own playful response to important icons and symbols, such as meat imagery, prominent in the work of Soutine and Francis Bacon, and the iconic image of Fried eggs which Colbert describes as “mini Mondrian’s with irreverent humour”. In doing so, he creates a dialogue with established ideas and works of the past. He ironically pastiches this imagery, playing on the notion that their repetition and overuse over the years have rendered them ultimate icons of pop culture.

“I am interested in art of the everyday. I am inspired by everyday symbols that can unlock profound meaning, I want to wallpaper my life with these symbols, from my suits, cars and interiors, for me LIFE and living is the ultimate essence of art”

Colbert has exhibited in Fairs, Museum’s and Galleries worldwide, such as: Miami Basil, the Van Gogh Museum, the Design Exchange in Canada, and in the recent World Goes POP show at TATE Modern.

Show runs from 24th November – 5th December 2016. Private viewing by appointment. For all enquiries contact [email protected]