An introduction to photography

Anne Valverde, Gabriella Imperatori-Penn, Maryam Eisler, Marco Cella, Kieran Walsh, Jacques Zolty, Pierre Carreau, Jerome Rapin

April 12th - April 22nd, 2017

This Spring Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery is highlighting the importance of photography by hosting an exhibition ‘An Introduction to Photography’. Photography is an engaging and accessible medium to collect and is now considered as valid and collectable an art form as painting – evidenced by photo sales results at auction.

Double Vision

Marco Cella, Marco Glaviano, Michael Kagan, Philippe Pasqua, Paolo Nicola Rossini, Dominique Rousserie

July 11 – August 31 2012

Space SBH presents ‘Double Vision’ – a selection of work by each of the artists the gallery represents. It is chance to catch the full range of photography and painting the gallery has offered in its first year’s program and a double take at each of the artists with a new selection of their work. […]