Double Vision

Marco Cella, Marco Glaviano, Michael Kagan, Philippe Pasqua, Paolo Nicola Rossini, Dominique Rousserie

July 11 – August 31 2012

Space SBH presents ‘Double Vision’ – a selection of work by each of the artists the gallery represents. It is chance to catch the full range of photography and painting the gallery has offered in its first year’s program and a double take at each of the artists with a new selection of their work. […]

I Am My Father’s Son

Michael Kagan

March 8th – April 14th 2012

Fascinated with using thick semi-abstract paint to study personal, historical and fictional experiences of space travel, Michael Kagan’s Space images have opened up outlets to expand painting technique, brushwork, and abstraction in his work. Inspired by artists such as De Kooning and Richter, he walks the line with tension and anxiety between abstraction and representationalpainting. […]