The Spirit of St Barth

Sebastien Martinon

November 2nd 2018- December 15th 2018

The Spirit of St Barth comprises a compilation of photos taken by Sébastien Martinon over a ten year period. This photo series captures the true essence of the island and inspires sentimentality towards the islands remarkable beauty and vibrant culture.

Featured in the yearly local publication, Spirit of St Barth magazine, we discover the wonders and hidden treasures of our beloved island, while staying as far as possible from the tired clichés and well-covered ground.

We present to you an original and authentic vision of St Barths, through the lens of Sébastien Martinon.

Based on the island of St Barths, Sebastien Martinon’s photography is a mix of technical knowledge and a genuinely artistic eye. Sebastien’s work plays on our sense of wonder, reflection, curiosity and sentimental depth.

The solo exhibition, The Spirit of St Barth, runs through November. Additionally through the winter, Space Gallery is presenting a limited edition poster of three iconic St Barth images – available for the first time. All posters are signed and numbered by the artist. The first thirty pieces of each are offered at 100 euros for a limited time only.

Come and choose Gustavia, Lorient or St Jean!

For more information contact: [email protected]