Michelle Doll




Michelle Doll Bio

Michelle Doll’s paintings capture quiet, intimate moments hinged on personal connections between her subjects, as well as their interactions with the world around them. Doll’s recent works are imbued with femininity and introspection, and explore the themes of love, desire and connection. She earned her BFA from Kent State University and MFA from New York Academy of Art where she graduated Cum Laude on both. Her work has been exhibited and featured worldwide at galleries in New York, St. Barth’s, San Francisco, Chicago, Basel, London and Olso. She is represented by Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City and Galleri Ramfjord in Oslo, Norway. Michelle currently lives and works in Hoboken, NJ.



Artist Statement

Between Love and Me



Flesh on flesh… fabric on flesh… our body’s connection with nature… our private contact with moments of time and objects of space… these are the tactile experiences of my artwork. Centered on the human figure, I attempt to portray the unspoken, soundless and intimate nature of a soul’s connection to the material world. I am interested in moments of interconnection that contain meaning beyond the setting, and explore the intimate energy that either exists, or is immensely desired, if it does not exist.


The power of love and desire for connection can be found in a simple touch, a fragile unity, or a fleeting moment. Hidden portions of contact hold meaning… the creases, crevices, overlaps, and folds. My intent is to find inspiration and appreciation in seemingly banal, quiet moments and render them monumental.


Through my paintings, I wish to preserve and record the interconnections in my own life, and my personal touch on the world around me. I create the work as meditations for others, who have experienced and desired intimacy in subtle ways, and like me, possibly searched for a further understanding of unity, beauty and love.