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20 May 2024



Botanics and Other Curiosities | Charles Moreau

Space Gallery St Barth

Gustavia, St Barth and an interactive online exhibition 
May 20th 2024 - June 15th 2024




Space Gallery is excited to exhibit Charles Moreau's latest exhibition Botanics and Other Curiosities  physically at the St Barth Gallery, on Carré D'Or in Gustavia, and simultaneously the exhibition can be viewed virtually with our 3D interactive Online Gallery which contains additional pieces. Each artwork can be viewed in detail individually.




Charles Moreau is a realist French painter born in 1980 who has dedicated his practice to representing the world that surrounds him. His paintings are always made on a neutral background so as not to distract from the subject or the real aim of painting. Moreau believes that everything is worth being looked at and that creating an image of something really allows you to pay homage to the subject. “Anything that makes you feel something is beautiful” -CM

With an emphasis on natural history he turns his attention towards the dynamic of life and death, the deplacement of species or the poetry of fragments. Every subject is represented life-size, conserving its physical presence in relation to the rest of the world and towards each other, creating a coherent perception of things.


From the mundane to the extraordinary no subject is too small, or big, for him. Beauty can be found in the most random places. He states: “I always represent things life size, so that every subject retains its physicality in relation to the world. One of these days I’ll have to paint an elephant…

Taken with the abundance and exuberance of nature in St Barth he has devoted his time here to study and represent the fauna and flora of St Barthelemy, looking for a modern, original and personal way to walk into the footsteps of previous artists-naturalists like Audubon and Redouté. 


Representing specimens life-size he likes to look for the poetic fragment, the beauty of discarded or looked upon species, while trying to bring to view the better effects of globalization, the need to respect one another. Each work represents a unique specimen, found during walks around the island, at its real scale. Scientific Latin names help identify the subject and inform us about their place of origin. Because everything is here for a reason.



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