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Published by St-Barth Weekly - Local News in English - Edition N°463-November 24, 2022 (Front Page & Page 2)



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Every year Space Gallery St Barth has something new and exciting to discover on its exhibition program, and this year is no different. 


Now on view for the first time as the main feature of the group Thanksgiving exhibition, is new gallery artist Christopher Martin with a selection of works from his various series, created over his 20+ year career.


Christopher plays with the European technique of Verre É glomisé which dates back to 14th century, but with a modern twist. This complex process involves painting in reverse on acrylic panels to gradually build up and produce the final painting. Each piece may have between 30 to 80 layers of paint and the technique creates an effect of pointillism in many of the pieces!

The artist's works are often inspired by nature and its hard not to see the influence of the Colorado landscape where he lives and works. The canopy of a tree, the flight of snowflakes in the air or the four leaf clover and what it represents come through on several of the pieces. The abstraction of the patterns and shapes in nature are apparent in his works. 


Contact Space Gallery St Barth for details of available pieces or stop by to view the exhibition in person.

Space Gallery is open daily
Mon-Sat from 9-1pm and 4-7pm 

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