Event organized by Charles Moreau, le Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy and le musée territorial du Wall House

Text written by Nicole Marques


Space Gallery St Barth is proud to have four of their artists represented in this years' 2nd edition of the "Salon des Artistes de Saint Barthélemy" at the Wall House Territorial Museum (le Musée Territorial du Wall House), organized by Charles Moreau (Director of the Museum) and the Collectivité of Saint-Barthélemy.


This cultural initiative started in 2022 to highlight artworks by local artists or artists who are connected or inspired by the island of St Barth. The 2nd Edition of the "Salon des Artistes" exhibits more than 40 artists, 4 of which are artists represented by Space Gallery St Barth: Rémy de Haenen, Roger Moreau, Isabelle Lindbergh and the Director of the Wall House museum who is also an artist himself,  Charles Moreau.


During the exhibition, all are welcome to visit and vote on their favourite pieces. 


The three categories for selection are:

1. Best Plastic Arts (paintings / drawings); 

2. Photography Work 

3. and Sculpture.

Pilots and artists - both artists represented, Rémy de Haenen and Isabelle Lindbergh are pilots and artists themselves!


Rémy de Haenen carries his father's legendary legacy as the first pilot to land in St Barth, founder of Eden Rock and the first Mayor of St Barth. Rémy was born in the Caribbean island of Martinique but spent his childhood in St Barth and has the fondest memories and incredible stories to tell! 


His paintings are based mostly of his memories of the paradisiac island. Rémy's oil painting represented this year in the Salon des Artistes, represents the typical image of the ladies of Corossol wearing a traditional white bonnet and red dress.


Rémy could be an excellent contestant for the Plastic Arts winning category.

Isabelle Lindbergh had her first solo exhibition at Space Gallery in March 2023 with her "Spirit of the Wind" series. Isabelle also carries her grandfather's legacy as he was the American aviator Charles Lindbergh, (the first to cross the North Atlantic non-stop, in May 1927). Isabelle was inspired by her grandfather and is training to be a pilot herself.


Although born in Senlis near Paris, Isabelle has spent many years in St Barth and considers it her second home. Her focus has now turned to fine art and having the freedom to explore her full creative vision.

Her dramatic photograph that does not go unnoticed in the Wall House is entitled "Connections" it belongs to her "Spirit of the Wind" Series which represents the connection between nature, the human form and the silver fabric that captures the wind into physical form - all are a symbol of life and movement, of how our spirit is connected to everything around us. This incredibly powerful piece was taken in Salines in St Barth.


Isabelle could be an extremely competitive candidate for the Photography prize criteria of this year's edition of the Salon des Artistes.

Roger Moreau has his heart in Saint Barth! His famous Coeur de St Barth sculptures are immediately recognisable, and can be spotted in breath taking sites around the Island. This specific piece is a Bronze Heart, cast from the natural stone from Saint Barthélemy. 


A loveable piece to add to any home, and an excellent candidate for the sculpture category of the Salon des Artistes this year.

Photo: Roger Moreau's Bronze Heart - Coeur de St Barth No.  2B (3/8), 2020, in installation at the 2nd edition of the "Salon des Artistes de Saint Barthélemy" at the Wall House Territorial Museum (le Musée Territorial du Wall House)

Photo:  Charles Moreau Carib, 2023, acrylic on canvas (13.78 x 10.63 in  / 35 x 27 cm)

Charles Moreau is not only the Director of the Wall House Territorial Museum and its program but also a talented artist that Space Gallery St Barth proudly represents.


His paintings are very detailed and symbolic. He confided to us that he likes to paint objects in their real dimensions, and enjoys the challenge of doing so. To celebrate the 2nd Edition of the Salon des Artistes, Charles Moreau chose to paint the typical beer bottle of the Island, Carib, to the exact size as one can find in any bar close by. 


Charles invites all to come visit the Exhibition, to admire, observe and vote for their favourite pieces. May the best artist win!

Photo:  Charles Moreau Carib, 2023, acrylic on canvas (13.78 x 10.63 in  / 35 x 27 cm)

Inspired by the French Salon des Artistes which began in the 19th century in Paris, the object of this event in St Barth proposed by the Wall House Museum is both simple and popular. It's to bring people together, make culture accessible to all and invite especially the younger generation to view the pieces and inspire them to do great things in future.





The 2ème édition du Salon des Artistes de Saint Barthélemy will be in exhibition at the Wall House Museum, in Gustavia St Barth, from 

June 8th to July 15th 2023.



For more information on any of Space Gallery St Barth Artists' represented at the Salon des Artistes de St Barth feel free to contact info@spacestbarth.com.



2nd edition of the "Salon des Artistes de Saint Barthélemy" at the Wall House Territorial Museum (le Musée Territorial du Wall House)

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Le Salon des Artistes dévoile ses lauréats (version française)


Publié par Le Journal de Saint-Barth
Journal N°1529 page 8 du 20 Juillet 2023


La deuxième édition du Salon des Artistes de Saint Barth a fermé ses portes le 15 juillet. Pendant plus d’un mois, cinquante-cinq œuvres ont été exposées dans le musée territorial du Wall House, à Gustavia. Des créations graphiques (dessins, peintures…), des photographies et des sculptures ont ainsi été présentées par des artistes de l’île qui étaient dans leur grande majorité des amateurs (seuls cinq professionnels ont pris part à la manifestation). Un événement populaire, par conséquent, par sa conception et par son principe. 





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