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Edition N°448 - 30 December 2021

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Textural Geographies,
An exhibit Of Major 20th Century European Art
Opens December 30 at Space Gallery  


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Edition N°448 - 30 December 2021 (Front Page and Page 4)



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Space Gallery St Barth, in collaboration with Eduardo Secci Gallery, announces the opening of its first exhibition of major twentieth-century French and Italian artists. Titled Textural Geographies, the exhibition showcases works by Agostino Bonalumi, Alighiero Boetti, Enrico Castellani, and Christo. Opening Thursday, December 30 at its newly renovated gallery in St Barth, this exhibition represents a natural progression of Space Gallery’s focus on European and European-influenced aesthetics and serves to broaden their scope of offerings as the gallery enters its second decade on the island.


The genesis of this exhibition, and subsequent collaboration with Italian gallery Eduardo Secci, stems from the gallery's desire to tell a comprehensive story of twentieth-century European aesthetics. Textural Geographies gives Space an opportunity to share something new with its collectors: a curated selection of the emerging and mid-career painters and photographers they love, alongside the artists who influenced them. 


Textural Geographies showcases artists and artworks representative of several of the most influential Italian avant-garde movements of the twentieth century with a special emphasis on the artists’ desire to push past the limitations of the two-dimensional plane. The artists all play with texture and different mediums to play with volume and depth of their works. Elaborating on this concept, Agostino Bonalumi explains, 


…at a certain point that expressiveness which was purely appearance and not form, was not enough.” 

Throughout Textural Geographies, the journey across different artistic processes and techniques finds common ground in the geographical attitude shared between the artists, ultimately generating a proper route consisting of ups and downs, lights and shadows, multiple directions, and ties to specific places of th world. The textural geographies of these surfaces lead to imaginary where you find yourself lost and oriented at the same time. 

Boetti Imaginando tutto 

Christo Wrapped Reichstag

An exhibition not to be missed and enjoyed alongside the gallery’s winter cocktail, 6-8pm,
Thursday December 30 at Space Gallery, Gustavia.
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