Giorgio Pasqualetti Mercat #3.3, 2019, (Set of 3) Acrylic on canvas (39.40 x 90 in / 100.08 x 228.60 cm)

Giorgio Pasqualetti exhibits at Space Gallery in St. Barths



Published by Pola St Barths
Edition N°04 - 27Jan, 2021



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This season we are extremely excited to discover a new gem in the form of Italian artist, Giorgio Pasqualetti. Originating from Rome and with a studio also in Milan, the artist has spent the last few years living and working in beautiful Barcelona.


An emerging artist, his star has fast risen with GQ, Vogue Italia, and Vanity Fair hot on his tails to hail him as one of the upcoming artists to watch. It hasn’t taken long for his work to catch the eye of seasoned collectors and prominent curators alike and rumor has it that LVMH recently commissioned half a dozen custom paintings by the artist.


So what it is that has everyone talking? Inspired by architecture and landscapes, artist Giorgio Pasqualetti interprets the world around him through a series of geometric shapes – playing with color and form to represent his vision. Meticulously executed, his paintings have a deceptive simplicity. They are understated and ooze elegance and pure European sophistication. 


“I like to redesign the images that come from my observation of metropolitan spaces and from my contemplation of nature, linking forms and colours within a geometric structure or a perspective plane”, he states.


Pasqualetti prefers to work on large canvases and surfaces, applying traditional painting techniques with a rational methodology. His tridimensional geometric paintings are the result of a thorough interpretative process that includes various preparatory stages, starting from a detailed observation of the everyday environment, reworked and drawn with his own imaginative understanding. The result is a powerful representation of energies in which the forms show his vision and the chromatic notes give it life.


The surrounding world is filtered through the eyes of the artist, absorbed, and then represented. Both natural and urban elements, encoded in a contemporary language, are the suggestions that give life to the works, somewhere between art and architecture.


This winter pieces his work will debut at Space Gallery St Barth – always THE go-to for contemporary art on the island by both emerging and established international artists. The gallery will exhibit works from Pasqualetti’s Barcelona collection inspired by the infamous architecture of Antoni Gaudi as well as pieces inspired by the island of St Barth in a palette of soft light pastels. 


“With each collection there is something beautiful to discover and you find yourself loving one piece after another” states the gallery’s owner Natalie Clifford. 


She goes on to tell us that like many young artists, Pasqualetti is always keen to create custom pieces for clients which is totally in the spirit of the bespoke approach the gallery takes to collecting and personalized relationships with its collectors.


The gallery shows a mixture of painting and photography – so be sure to ask them what other beauties they have available as this boutique gallery carries a small sample in their space which they swap out regularly, but always have some additional special pieces hidden away.


Giorgio Pasqualetti Rosa #11, 2018, Acrylic on canvas (78.75 x 39.40 in / 200.02 x 100.08 cm)



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