Published by Discover Saint Barthélemy Magazine
Edition n°25 - 25th anniversary and the publication of Discover Saint Barth Magazine - 2021 (pages 54-56 et 122-123)


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Discover is happy to share this magnificent anniversary and the publication of this 25th edition of the magazine Discover Saint Barth. Twenty-four issues with the aim of inspiring you to travel, amazing you, sometimes even moving you, through the beauties of our island, its inhabitants and their know-how. 


There is no better way than images to experience all of this. Photography has always had an important place in St Barths’s life, where white sand beaches have remained a privileged setting for prestigious photographing from around the world and the most prominent photographers. 


It must be said that St Barths is quite appealing with its relaxed lifestyle, breathtaking panoramas, the charm of its Creole houses. This explains why so many photographers have chosen this little piece of land at the end of the world as a destination. 


This 25th issue was obviously very special to us, focusing on photography, but also going beyond the framework of the pretty travel picture book. An issue that would be remembered for the beauty of its shots as well as the collaborative message that it wished to deliver. Such was our goal with this issue, offering you a real photographic catalog with pages you would enjoy going through as you walk along the aisles of an art gallery, presenting the work of many St Barths photographers who agreed to play along and work together around one single idea: their personal vision of the island. 


Professional photographers or enlightened amateurs, we are all imbued with the love of art and the transmission of emotions through photography. Each page you turn is a small part of a photographer’s soul sharing a private moment with you. I believe I can speak on behalf of each of the photographers when thinking of Patrick Demarchelier, also in love with St Barths, who passed away in the spring offering us a photographic monument through his work. It is with great pride and some emotion that I invite you to immerse yourself in fascinating St Barths, sometimes sensual like a woman emerging from the waves, sometimes astonishing like a mysterious animal observing you, sometimes shimmering like a summer sky. 


Come dream with us and do not hesitate to get in touch with the photographers you will discover at the end of this issue to encourage them and be part, in your own way, of this great collective of artists.



I have always been looking for concepts and pictorial experiments enabling me to fully express my artistic intentions. Like the pieces of a puzzle, these different elements have come to make a whole and taken the form of my first "AquaViva" series.


The "AquaAlta" series is the natural extension of my work, with my view of another form of water, clouds.




My work on the waves, all photographed in Saint-Barths where I lived for 13 years, is above all intended to share this positive force. It is my way of expressing the incredible energy that is felt here. This unique and inspiring island, the land of all possibilities, has allowed me to freeze in time moments of eternity almost impossible to apprehend with a bare eye.

To find out more about available pieces by the artist, contact Space Gallery St Barth

Pierre Carreau MacroWave from the series AquaViva

Pierre Carreau Wysiwyg from the series AquaAlta



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