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Limited edition 2023 Bucket Regatta posters are available for sale at Space Gallery St Barth. 


Founded in Nantucket, Massachusetts in August 1986, when Nelson Doubleday invited a few yachting buddies, with seven sailboats in the fleet, the “Bucket” Regatta was born. The winter version in St Barth started in 1995 with four fabulous yachts: Sariyah, Gleam, Mandalay, and Parlay. An invitational, highly prestigious regatta for these 100’ and larger yachts, The Bucket features 30 entries this year, with the largest being Melek, a 56-meter (184’) from Perini Navi. Races this year are on Friday-Sunday, March 17-19. 


While the J Class will not be in play this year, they expect at least six J’s at the 2024 Bucket as they prepare for their signature event at the America’s Cup in Barcelona later that year,” says Peter Craig, event director and race chairman, who points out that the class breaks are posted on the regatta’s website:

The Bucket also annually donates a portion of its entry fees and proceeds from the sale of Bucket posters to a local non-profit.

The 2023 donation will be made to The Youth Sailing Program at the St Barths Yacht Club (SBYC), an active sailing school with the youth of St Barth a major focus. Every year, hundreds of children learn to respect each other and their environment. They also learn responsibility and cooperation in the pursuit of these goals. In addition to the monetary donation to support their operations, 2023 will include a progressive commitment to the environment. The Bucket will purchase and donate a robotic mark, which will be used by the club and hopefully at all regattas. 

This year’s attractive Bucket poster is on sale at Space Gallery in Gustavia, with 50 posters available on a firstcome first-serve basis. To preorder, email:, and request an order form for my 2023 St Barth Bucket Regatta poster.

During The Bucket, the public has the unusual opportunity of walking right up to the yachts that are anchored at the dock, and admiring their well-polished teak decks, towering masts, and outstanding design by top naval architects. While some of the shoreside activities are private (an owners’ party and yacht visitations), The Bucket Bar and all of the entertainment at the Bucket Marquee by the Capitainerie are open to the public, who enjoy the festivities in large numbers. This event is definitely a highpoint on the nautical calendar in Saint Barth!



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