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Victor Matthews immersive fresco at Villa Angelina, St Barth.

"Victor Matthews' murals reimagine a room and space,” notes Natalie Clifford, director of Space Gallery, which represents Matthews in Saint Barth. “They revive the tradition of the fresco in a contemporary way. These elegant pieces are customized with motifs of the collector’s choice, in Matthews’ signature soft palette. They truly transform the spaces he paints, bringing them to life and changing the experience, energy and feel to make a living work of art."


Based in New York and Los Angeles, Matthews also defines the art scene in Saint Barth. From his first white-on-white paintings, his visual vocabulary has expanded in terms content, color, and composition, leading to a series of murals in island villas. Such as the immersive fresco at Villa Angelina, where the artist refers to the color scheme as "The Light in Sand,” and explains, “As I seek out the quietness in my dally life, I've been drawn to tones instead of colors with my work. The calmness of these Fresco Murals are embedded with the tone of sand along with the brightness of light. Painting these murals I find are very different than working on canvas. My feelings are that the murals are in a collaborative with the architecture of the structure.” 


At Villa Angelina, “I wanted to have a human imagine stepping into the fresco mural,” says Matthews. “Also, I included Mother Nature's imprint on St. Barth with all the wildlife and tropical plants and sea life. This is why it covers the entire room, all four walls of the space. Also including every door and window with the ceiling left alone to breathe. ‘Less is best’ I have alway believed.”

Matthews has also been painting live at Eden Rock, where his current exhibit runs through February 13 in the Remy Bar. 


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