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The French je ne sais quoi of the island is summed up perfectly by Jean-Philippe Piter’s cheeky and fun portraits. Piter is a photographer best known for his playful nude images, and his work is characterized by a sense of joie de vivre. 


He celebrates the free-spirit and his works are always mixed with his signature humor and cheekiness. Piter captures the essence of the women and the soul of the landscapes he photographs. Direct and authentic, Piter seeks to capture the perfect barefoot, bohemian lifestyle.

Simplicity is the first word that comes to mind to describe my work. I stick to the essential kit. I always shoot in natural light and never use more than two lenses. As a result, there is no artifice in my photographs. They have a simplicity that, paradoxically, is hard to achieve. It has always been passion over reason. Authenticity and simplicity.” – JPP

Space Gallery St Barth carries Jean-Philippe Piter’s full portfolio of images as well as a new capsule collection of miniatures to mix and match. Not to be missed, they are the perfect gift for any St Barth lover this winter! His photographs have appeared in major international publications and the third edition of his bestselling book, ‘The Eye of St Barth,’ is also available after being released to meet popular demand. 

Jean-Philippe Piter Aurore Floating (St Barth), 2018

Jean-Philippe Piter Laila Fishnets (St Barth), 2020

Jean-Philippe Piter Natalia Ananas (St Barth), 2020

Jean-Philippe Piter Deborah Soapy (St Barth), 2009

Jean-Philippe Piter Kayley Shower (St Barth), 2020

Jean-Philippe Piter Aurore Rain (St Barth) 2020

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