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15 Janueary 2021 (Page 119)



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Everywhere at Eden Rock, art is visible or readable. This place loves creativity. This with guests, clients and friends included, of course. We do this for all of us.


Art at Eden Rock has been celebrated for years. Often via partnerships with famous galleries and their artists. Millions of $'s worth of art has been sold. Larry Gagosian with Richard Prince, Piotr Uklański, Dennis Hopper, Urs Fischer, Harmony Korine, Joe Bradley, Jonas Wood. Plus Galerie Perrotin with Kaws, Lionel Esteve, Terry Richardson, Daniel Arsham, Space Gallery with Hunt Slonem, Arno Elias and Hugh Arnold. These notables and more artists, maybe just starting-out, not well-known... so far.


Permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibits, pop-ups, live performances... This season, Alec Monopoly, Elizabeth Sutton and Victor Matthews will be resident aritsts at Eden Rock. Feel free to watch them work...


E Rock works closely with the New York Acadeny of Art and its Graduates. Over 400 original art pieces are exhibited on our walls, all for sale. When sold, they are replaced by new pieces commissioned from the artist. So guests help artists create: together we make this helpful link...


Thousands of books too, in the ER library, almost all rooms, suites and houses. All selected, well-bound and readable, not shelf fillers. Authors include Naipaul, Theroux, Beaton, Attenborough, Flaubert, Chandler, Verne, Tolstoy and Camus. They are all for sale and if you wish to keep a book, kindly message Guestcare and the cost will be added to your bill. Easy as that. Thank you.




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