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Edition N°414 - November 28, 2019 (Page 13 & Advertorial on Page 19)
Written by Ellen Lampert-Gréaux



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Victor Matthews Girl in Utopia, 2019

Victor Matthews new paintings and works on paper pay homage to the spirit of St Barth, based on his memories and experiences in visiting the island for the past 30 years. Familiar territory and imagery are celebrated on his canvases in his signature pure white style.


I titled this exhibition "Utopia" because that is the feeling that St Barth gives me inside,” says the internationally acclaimed artist. “I wanted to reflect on all the things that move my soul. From the marine life, to a sunrise at 6am, the turtles, the birds... With these new works I wanted to pay homage to the island, which has become my Utopia. I've incorporated my home city of New York in my work for many years, so using St Barth as my muse for this series of work was natural, because I feel this is my second home.”

In terms if color, Matthews is singular: “I see tones and shades not color, the light palette I use in my work, "titanium white," is from the notion less is best. It cuts out all the drama in life. A painting with overwhelming color does nothing for me. When I'm in my studio working with this bright tone, it's like being alone in Antartica, in the quietness. Dogs see only in black and white and it's my preference.” 


Matthews mixes “dry white titanium pigments with acrylic, then I prepare my canvases by applying a clear invisible primer on raw canvas. The medium I use for my works on paper can change from time to time. It depends how I'm feeling, sometimes collage, water colors, acrylic, ink,” he explains. “The one thing I would like for someone to take with them after viewing my work is an honest genuine emotion.” 


Natalie Clifford, partner/director, Space Gallery St Barth and Soho, is a big fan: “What I love about Victor’s paintings is their simultaneous simplicity yet sophistication. His paintings are whimsical and have a playfulness about them that draws you in. I love the elegance of the muted palette, which allows the shapes and lines to play out their story on the canvas.” 


Victor Matthews
Space Gallery St Barth
November 25 – December 8, 2019 

Space Gallery Advertorial on Page 19 of St-Barth Weekly - Local News in English Edition N°414 - November 28, 2019

Image: Victor Matthews She's in Utopia, 2019 Acrylic on primed raw canvas (60 x 40 in / 152.40 x 101.60 cm)




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Victor Matthews: Utopia at Space Gallery St Barth

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