Gilles Bensimon Flowers in Water #6095, 2012 Limited edition photograph (Edition of 3) (39.37 x 51.06 in / 100 x 129.70 cm)

Published by Le Journal de Saint-Barth
Journal N°1529 July 20, 2023 (Page 8)



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With the exhibition entitled "In Bloom", Space Gallery St Barth, in the Carré d'Or in Gustavia, presents the works of the renown French photographer Gilles Bensimon. The exhibition, which started last Thursday and runs until August 25, features a selection of photographs from Bensimon's “Flower” series.



"I realized that the flower is something very tragic, says photographer Gilles Bensimon. When you cut them, they are dead. But when you put them in water, they start to live again. They have a rebirth."


"His photographs have a pictorial quality and take on a look from elsewhere”, underlines Natalie Clifford, director of the gallery. “Suspended in the water, the shapes of the flowers deform, change, move and come to life. Their beauty is magnified under the gaze of the water and the light caresses the fold of each petal. The familiar becomes unknown. The artist encourages us to look with fresh eyes, to appreciate the beauty of the world around us with new curiosity and wonder. Its flowers transcend the ordinary to become magnificent underwater creatures."


Gilles Bensimon has enjoyed a prestigious career in photography and is one of the best known names in the industry. A well-known celebrity photographer, it was his artistic sensibility that drove him to capture images for almost three decades. His unique, vital and sensual style not only celebrates women, but also the beauty of still lifes and objects. Carla Bruni says: “He looks at nothing but sees everything... Gilles is a paradoxical man, he works with precise and beautiful work."

"In Bloom", by Gilles Bensimon 

at Space Gallery in Carré D'Or in Gustavia until August 25. 

Cocktail with the presence of the artist on Saturday August 5th from 6 to 8 p.m.



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