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Hugh Arnolds’s work represents something innovative and exciting in photography. His photoshoots resemble something out of a Hollywood movie – he works from meticulous storyboards to create his vision for each piece, selects exotic locations for each shoot, and casts members of the French Olympic swim team as his subjects! His works are paramount to renaissance paintings. Similarly, Hugh Arnold is a great storyteller.


This winter the artist’s work will be presented for the first time on the island at Space Gallery St Barth where his underwater odyssey will take fill the walls of the charming boutique gallery nestled in the Carré D’or, Gustavia. The space will resemble an aquarium. Passerbys will delight in the romantically lit photographs of underwater nymphs and muses dancing. It’s no mistake that Hugh Arnold’s photographs resemble classical paintings and they explore themes of human development – what it means to love, to age, connect and struggle. In documenting the sub-merged human body, Arnold manages to express something essential about being human — a subtle energy that stirs beneath our skin.


This exquisite exhibition is not to be missed this season in St Barth – an underwater symphony that is striking, beautiful and that makes for many a conversation piece (interestingly also the title given to one of his works). This Agua Vida series certainly embodies that ‘water is life’ and these pieces are living, breathing beauties! Today, his large-scale photographic prints enrich private collections around the world, from Washington to Moscow, Los Angeles to Sydney. He exhibits regularly in Paris, London and the US.

Space Gallery has locations in St Barth and Soho, New York and regularly exhibits in Europe and Miami. The gallery shows a selection of painting, photography and sculpture by living artists. To learn more about the gallery and its program visit – or follow on Instagram @spacegallerystbarth to delve into daily beautiful art updates.


Hugh Arnold Voice, 2016 Limited edition (Edition of 3) Lamda c-print; signed & numbered (40 x 117.50 in / 101.60 x 298.45 cm)



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