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4 August 2022



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Paintings and Furniture designed by Hannah Polskin

© Hannah Polskin

Hannah Polskin | Home

Space Gallery SOHO, New York

August 18 – September 18, 2022
Vernissage with the artist at Space Gallery
Thursday, August 18th  6-9pm


Space Gallery St Barth opens “Home,” a collection of works by multidisciplinary artist Hannah Polskin. The project will see the artist take over the ground floor gallery; to create her world of undulating abstract art and design.


The exhibition will feature personal works from Polskin’s Los Angeles home studio; where the work-live context provides an endless source of inspiration. With an emphasis on living with each piece before sharing it with the world; “Home” holds a special place in the artist’s heart, giving an inside look at her most personal creations cultivated and created in her own space. Alongside her Burl wood abstracts, Polskin will be debuting paintings on stone and salvaged materials, exploring a deeper investigation into the home as canvas. Other elements of her creative world will complement the curation including mirrors and decor for a completely immersive experience. Additionally, a ‘custom bar’ will allow collectors to select the wood panel of their choice and create custom work with the artist – selecting every element from the wood finish, size, color palette, shape and look of the work to produce their own custom piece.


Hannah Polskin painting one of her diptychs with latex paint on chestnut burl wooden panel

© Hannah Polskin

The artist and designer originate from NY and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Hannah works at the intersection of fine art and design to create “livable art” with a freeform aesthetic that bleeds across each project. Conceptually, she’s most inspired when she’s tasked at taking over an entire space—that includes paintings, mirrors, kitchen islands, rugs, menorahs and more.


The Studio rug, TV cabinet, shelves and Small Art mirror by Hannah Polskin

© Hannah Polskin

Paintings by Hannah Polskin

Latex paintings on wooden panel in White Oak float frames.

© Hannah Polskin



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