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7 February 2023



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Winter Show at Space Gallery St Barth.

Image with works by Menashe Kadishman and Tony Cragg bronze sculptures.

Space Gallery is hosting a contemporary art show, showcasing its newest artists, Alighiero Boetti, Christo, Manolo Valdés, Tony Cragg, and Vera Lutter. The Winter Show is live at their New York City location in Soho as well as their flagship gallery in St Barth.



Alighiero Boetti

Boetti was a champion of the ballpoint pen. Boetti made a number of vast works in minutely scrawled biro, such as I sei sensi (The Six Senses), which is part of a series of drawings done in code. The overall effect of the ‘Lavori Biro’ works tends to be gorgeously uneven, resulting in rich expanses of deep blues and greens with gradations and patterns within. Often they recall a sea or night sky.


Christo and the Wrapped Reichstag

Christo described the Reichstag wrapping as autobiographical. It became symbolic of unified Germany and marked Berlin’s return as a world city. The Guardian posthumously described the work as the pair’s “most spectacular achievement”.


Manolo Valdés

One of the most internationally established contemporary Spanish painter, sculptor and draughtsman, Manolo Valdés was born in Valencia in 1942. He attended the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos de Valencia. He began his career in the 1960s as one of the founding members of Equipo Cronica. A group of artists who took inspiration from Pop Art to challenge the Spanish dictatorship of Franco and the History of Art itself.


Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg is one of the world’s foremost sculptors. Constantly pushing to find new relations between people and the material world. There is no limit to the materials he might use, as there are no limits to the ideas or forms he might conceive. His early, stacked works present a taxonomical understanding of the world. And he has said that he sees manmade objects as “fossilized keys to a past time which is our present”.


Vera Lutter


Inspired by the city’s presence, light, and architecture, Vera Lutter began experimenting with photography. In order to capture an immediate and direct imprint of her experience; Lutter decided to turn the room in which she lived into a large pinhole camera. Thereby transforming the space that contained her personal experience into the apparatus that would capture an image of it.


Winter Show at Space Gallery St Barth.

Image with works by Manolo Valdés and Tony Cragg bronze sculptures.

Winter Show at Space Gallery St Barth.

Image with paintings by Hunt Slonem.



Established in 2011, Space Gallery St Barth is a contemporary art gallery. Dedicated to showcasing painting, photography, and sculpture by established and emerging artists. Since its inception, Space Gallery St Barth has built up an impressive roster of artists, curated international exhibitions, and participated in major art fairs including the Venice Biennale. As of today, the gallery has locations in St Barth and New York City and regularly exhibits internationally. The gallery’s location in New York City has been open since November 2018.




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