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31 October 2023


Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary

Space Gallery has a long history with Eden Rock from the gallery inception. Owner and Director Natalie Clifford managed the art program and gallery at Eden Rock since 2005 and after she set up Space Gallery in 2011, it was only natural that this relationship evolve into a partnership between the iconic property and the gallery.


Space Gallery and Eden Rock both share a commitment to the arts and together put art at the forefront of interiors and design to curate beautiful, considered spaces in the exquisitely decorated iconic hotel. Along with owner Jane Matthews and Pierre-Marie Pointeau we have together placed a beautiful selection of artwork throughout the rooms and spaces of Eden Rock with painting by emerging and established artists at the focus of the curation.


To mark the 70th anniversary of the hotel, Space Gallery worked closely with Eden Rock to choose artists Victor Matthews and Rémy de Haenen to add something permanent to commemorate this landmark date.


Rémy de Haenen was a natural choice owing to his father and family’s legacy and connection to the Rock. The Suite named after Remy Sr has been re-curated with a selection of new paintings by Remy Jr! These works from his summer series are composed of imagined scenes related to his memories, the islands, nature, pastimes and the contrast between childhood recollections and adult life. There is an emotional communion between the people, the air, the clouds, the sea, the colors, the tropics that occupy space and time in his works.

Additionally the central courtyard in Villa Rockstar has been rehung with paintings by Remy from this collection as well as his large format landscape series recalling his childhood walks.

Victor Matthews work is placed extensively around the hotel and also can be found in the Remy Bar. His Utopia series with its sand tones fits perfectly into the Eden Rock’s many corners. On the occasion of the anniversary, Eden Rock decided to commission a special wall painting by Matthews in the hotel’s signature red. The mural painted by the artist during October 2023 started off as a series of sketches with motifs of island wildlife, vegetation and marine life and evolved into the beautiful permanent wall painting that can be admired from various vantage points around the rock and seen also from St Jean beach. It stands as an example of the hotel’s celebration of creativity and commitment to art. 

See highlights of Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary Weekend below:

Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary

David Matthews, Sonia Tejero, Jane Matthews and Natalie Clifford.

Jane Matthews, Rémy de Haenen, Maria Pacheca and Natalie Clifford.

Victor Matthews and famed Chef and Restauranter, Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary collage of event ambiance.

Natalie Clifford.

Victor Matthews and Natalie Clifford.

Natalie Clifford with Rémy de Haenen and his Fiancé Maria Pacheca.

Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary.

Victor Matthews and one of his paintings from his Utopia series.

Performance Art with a Poem set on Fire, by Robert Montgomery: Love is the Revolutionary Energy that Annihilates the Shadows and Collapses the Distance Between It.

Eden Rock's Wall of Fame, with various highlights over the last 70 years.

Eden Rock's 70th Anniversary.



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