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14 Oct 2023



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Installation view the The_Ap_art_ment Soho exhibition at Space Gallery Soho, NYC

Saturday, October 14, 2023
11:00 AM  12:30 PM


The Space Gallery SOHO
428 Broome Street

New York, NY, 10013

United States (map)

More about the the_Ap_art_ment (TM) 

Step into an immersive experience curated in collaboration with Natalie Clifford, owner of Space Gallery, together with NYC-based interior designer Susann Goerg, who firmly believes in the profound impact of intentional, quality art in interior design. This transformative exhibition beautifully brings together the worlds of art and inspired living, igniting a fresh dialogue between artistic expression and thoughtfully created spaces on a deeper level.


Each composed space evokes contemplation and inspiration. Susann’s philosophy of creating a “Gesamtkunstwerk,” a complete work of art that enhances senses, reflects individuality and realizes desired lifestyles, resonates throughout. Beyond aesthetics, the exhibition equally elevates the artwork and its surrounding interior design to a new level of sophistication and significance.


About Susann Eva Goerg (Happyhomes Design)


From the time-strapped UN ex-pat starting anew to the busy business leader and second home/ rental property owner in the Hamptons, Susann has been working with clients in the extended New York City area and virtually nationwide - creating calm, comfortable, yet inspiring interiors for today’s dynamic and demanding lifestyle. Through the art and science of interior design and an unparalleled approach to design with the art in mind, she captivates and cultivates people’s unique stories - creating thoughtful spaces for lives and ambitions to thrive.


About Space Gallery St Barth


Established in 2011, Space Gallery St Barth is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to showcasing painting, photography, and sculpture by established and emerging artists. Since its inception, Space Gallery St Barth has built up an impressive roster of artists, curated international exhibitions, and participated in major art fairs including the Venice Biennale. As of today, the gallery has locations in St Barth and New York City and regularly exhibits internationally. The gallery’s location in New York City has been open since November 2018.


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