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The Italian artist, Nadia Fanelli in front of one of her paintings.

Space Gallery St Barth is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Italian Artist Nadia Fanelli. Titled ‘Perceptions of Reality,’ the exhibition showcases the artist’s signature style.


As in the age old tradition of storytelling, Fanelli’s canvases create a scene. She tells the story of a lazy Saturday with friends, or captures the quotidien – a relatable scene of every day life. Perhaps she captures a lady reading a book, a man having an afternoon nap, a walk on the beach; a windy summer’s day - all a moment in time of something seemingly routine or normal and transforming them into something of interest. She invites us to look deeper, not only into her aesthetic but also her philosophy and concept.

Nadia Fanelli’s works become an investigation on the individual as a spectator of a contemporary scenario, characterized by continuous and sudden change. It is a reflection on the subjective nature of reality, often far from the one standardized by other depictions of such scenes. This comes from the artist’s desire to represent the present in its eternal mutability, which leaves a trace in memory only thanks to the subjective perception of what has been seen and experienced.


Nadia Fanelli’s art aims to decompose and dematerialize. A philosophy that permeates her works and creates a discourse that is not only aesthetic but also conceptual. To immerse oneself in the fleeting, liquid notes of the artist’s colors is to understand her philosophy. Nadia’s technique aims to represent the liquid aspect of today’s society, referring to Zygmunt Bauman’s poignant analysis of our time. 


"Here her art acts as a reflection of subjective and ever-shifting perceptions of reality...a constant and destabilizing state of becoming which influences the contemporary man in his choices and vision of the world."

Nadia Fanelli Last Swim, 2023 Acrylic, oil and resin on wood (17.72 x 13.78 in / 45 x 35 cm)

Nadia Fanelli Harbour View, 2023 (Gustavia St Barth), Acrylic, oil and resin on wood (15.75 x 23.62 in / 40 x 60 cm)


Nadia Fanelli (1977, Castel Goffredo, Mantua), attended the Art Institute and school of cultural heritage restoration in Mantua. In November 2014 she opened her first solo exhibition in Milan, curated by Carla Zucchi and Massimiliano Bisazza, at Galleria Statuto13 and was reviewed by Wall Street International Italia.

In 2015 she was included in the catalog of Modern Art, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori. In February 2016 she was part of GAM (Giovani Artisti Mantovani), an event curated by art critic Gianfranco Ferlisi held at the Casa del Mantegna in Mantua.


In April 2016 she participated in the “Il Labirinto dell’Ipnotista” project, a contemporary art event held at Palazzo Gallio in Gravedona, on Lake Como, which occasioned a book in the series “Le scelte di Puntelli”, published by Giorgio Mondadori. In the summer of 2017 she participated in “Master Class of Infinity”, an international exhibition which took her to Sabbioneta, London and Dubrovnik.


In March 2018, during celebrations for the 500-year anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, she participated in “Genius”, a contemporary art event at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence. In November 2018 she won her first International Michelangelo Buonarroti Prize in Forte dei Marmi with her work “Last Look”. In November 2018 the book Profili d’Artista was presented in Berlin, published by Mondadori, in which she was included with an interview among other emerging artists.


In March 2019 “Arte In World” magazine dedicated her “its other cover” and she participated in the “Dissolvenze” exhibition curated by Enrica Feltracco, Massimiliano Sabbion, Matteo Vanzan at the Diocesan Museum of Padua. Starting in June 2019 some of her works were exhibited at the new Bocconi University in Milan and in March 2020 she exhibited at BAG, Bocconi Art Gallery.


In December 2020 she inaugurated her solo exhibition at the DeniArte Gallery in Rome entitled ‘Le forme della memoria’.


In April 2021 she exhibited in the picture gallery of the Palazzo Ducale Sanchez de Luna in Sant’Arpino (CE), on the occasion of the “Contempora- neamente. Maestri in Pinacoteca” event curated by Luigi Fusco. In November 2021 her works alongside the BAG catalogue were presented at the Bocconi Art Gallery.


She lives and works in Castel Goffredo, Mantova.

Nadia Fanelli painting one of her works in her atelier in Castel Goffredo, Mantova, Italy.



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Space Gallery St Barth Advertorial on page 30 of Tropical Saint-Barth, Lifestyle and Destination Magazine 

- Issue #33, Season 2023/2024

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