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The artist Hannah Polskin

The newest collection by artist Hannah Polskin, Infinity, is on display at the contemporary art gallery, Space Gallery St Barth in the Carré d’Or in Gustavia through December 2, 2023. This is the first time the multidisciplinary artist, with her world of undulating art and design, has shown her work in St Barth. An eight-piece collection, Infinity explores the continuous nature of the artist's abstract motifs. 


Without beginning or end, each form is composed of her characteristic loops and curves that fold in on themselves to create a rolling rhythm. Set against a backdrop of aged, patinaed wood, the infinite nature of these abstracts harmonizes with the timelessness of the natural material for a multi-sensory effect. The exhibition is complemented by other elements from her creative world, including mirrors and backdrops for a completely immersive experience. Hannah's work and the warmth of wood as a material often serve as inspiration for collectors wishing to create a personalized piece.

Born New York and based in Los Angeles, Hannah Polskin graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. 


According to Natalie Clifford, director of Space Gallery, the artist “works at the intersection of beaux-arts and design to create "habitable art" with a free-form aesthetic that's reflected in every project. Conceptually, she is most inspired when tasked with designing an entire space, including paintings, mirrors, kitchen islands, rugs, menorahs and more."



INFINITY by Hannah Polskin
Space Gallery St Barth

Carré d’Or, Gustavia
Through December 2, 2023 

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