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November 10, 2023
Written by Jordan Goldberg 



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In our Inside Edits, we feature creatives with unique perspectives on how to create a luxury space, and highlight pieces that can inspire your personal sense of luxury at home.


The artist Hannah Polskin

How one aesthetic can migrate between mediums.


You’ve likely seen Hannah Polskin’s work on your Instagram feed; the bulbous curves, rich textures, and oversized silhouettes that characterize the artist’s signature style tend to dominate a six-inch iPhone screen. As her video clips begin, you’re transported into Polskin’s Los Angeles studio space, which doubles as her home. You’re surrounded by crisp white walls, industrial windows, and bare branches alongside an expansive collection of the artist’s work. In the living room, an extra-large, three-piece work featuring black, white, and wood hues hangs above the white sofa, which resembles a cloud.


While filling a space with your own work may come off as ego-centric, it’s entirely the opposite for Polskin. Rather, she surrounds herself with her work as a practice of putting herself into her collector’s shoes. 


I’m emphatic towards my collectors,” she tells Editorialist, “they wake up every day and look at my work. That’s why I have to make sure that I love being around a piece before it goes out into the world.


Currently, her artworks—paintings, mirrors, and menorahs, included—have found their way into the homes of influencers and celebrities (whose names she keeps under wraps). Further, Polskin has been featured in galleries in Los Angeles, St. Barth, and most notably, in her hometown of New York City. 


I’ve been painting these particular shapes since I was a baby. My mom would tell you that they were intrinsic to me,” Polskin shares. 


Since moving to Los Angeles in 2016, the artist has had ample space to experiment, rework, and master her curvy, energetic forms. For now, you’ll find them painted onto wood, in the form of menorahs, and on selfie-worthy mirrors across the country.

Hannah Polskin's instagram account has over 54.7K followers.

Meet Hannah Polskin


Born and raised in New York City, Polskin felt a calling to share her art with the world in a big way. 


Maybe it’s because I’m just barely five feet,” she laughs, “but I’ve always wanted to create massive, huge works.” 


The artist attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she focused on fashion design. As she created garments for school, she found herself repeatedly adding accentuated curves to her works.

After graduation, she put the fashion world behind her and decided to transfer her beloved wave forms to a different medium—she began by painting on wood. 


Now, the artist considers herself multi-disciplinary: she paints, sculpts, and often picks up a saw to carve metals for her mirrors. Throughout all the experimentation, though, she remains dedicated to the energized, oversized, and standout curves that she (and her fans) can’t get enough of. 

A Vintage Louis Vuitton Jewelry Trunk

Hannah Polskin’s Inside Edit


Polskin is never too far away from her sharpies and a stack of printer paper. The combination is essential for releasing her “harebrained” ideas, as getting them onto paper allows her to consider them more thoughtfully. “My sharpies used to sit in a pickle jar,” she shares, “but I wanted something that gave a ritualistic element to these chaotic moments of needing to get something down.” For Polskin, this meant saying goodbye to the pickle jar and replacing it with a Louis Vuitton jewelry trunk—the fashion house has always been her favorite thanks to its neutral-toned monogramming. She found hers at Amore Vintage in Tokyo. “I use it like a hardware kit, but it looks aesthetic when placed on my coffee table,” she says. 

Closer Look: Vintage Louis Vuitton Monogram Jewelry Case Trunk

Whether you’re looking for a home for your jewelry, sharpies, or anything in between, a Louis Vuitton jewelry trunk is an heirloom you’ll be able to love for years to come. “
I’ve been collecting vintage Louis Vuitton for years,” Polskin shares, “this one felt like a special addition to my collection because it goes with everything in my home and holds my essentials.” You can find similar options on vintage resellers, such as 1stDibs and Vestaire Collective, or opt for a newer variation from Louis Vuitton.


Vintage LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Boite A Tout Jewelry Case Trunk

Hannah Polskin's Sculptural Menorah

Hannah Polskin's Sculptural Menorah


Polskin created her menorah sculpture based out of necessity. 


When it comes to Judaica, I couldn’t find something I loved and wanted to display in my home,” she shares. 


Because of this, the artist took matters into her own hands and set out to create a menorah that felt contemporary and fresh—she launched her version of the menorah ahead of the 2022 holiday season. 


It makes me emotional that this could be something that stays in families for generations,” she says, “and my hope is that people find them to be so beautiful that they can display it year-round.

Closer Look: Hannah Polskin Menorah Sculpture

You can use this menorah traditionally during Hanukkah thanks to the brass candle cups. For year-round use, remove the candle cups and it acts as a candelabra that can be displayed anywhere in your home. Polskin has placed hers on her entryway cabinet alongside dried flowers and her artwork.


Menorah Sculpture II

Hannah Polskin with Rira Objects' Addled Water Glass

Rira Objects' Addled Water Glass


I’m moving over to an all-clear kitchen,” Polskin declares, as her aversion to bright colors has made it a challenge to find cookware and dinnerware that she cherishes. 


I like the idea that I can keep buying clear pieces—from vintage stores or flea markets—and they’ll all match. It’s my scavenger selection and that feels pretty luxurious to me,” she says.  


Her most recent addition to the collection comes from Rira Objects and features soft indents and a spacious interior. When it’s not being used for sipping, Polskin uses the glass as a vase for small scale bouquets. 


I think there’s something so charming about cutting flowers down super short and creating a little tiny tight bouquet,” she says.

Closer Look: Rira Objects Clear Addled Water Glass

Elevate the way you sip on cocktails, mocktails, or anything in between with a Rira Object’s water glass. It was made in the Netherlands from hand blown glass, so no two are the exact same, which makes them even more special. Polskin places dark purple calla lilies in hers for an edgy feel. Use yours to express your interior aesthetic.


Addled Water Glass

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