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April 30, 2019
Written by Simone Tempia



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Marco Glaviano Cindy Crawford (St Barth), 1984

A monographic exhibition in New York celebrates the world of fashion at its peak through the works of its most iconic storyteller


Tradition, from the Latin tradere: to deliver, to transmit. A word which, worn out by a logarithmically growing proto-reactionary rhetoric, has lost and is losing day by day its deepest meaning and, with it, its beauty and importance. Tradition is in fact not a Platonic concept, fixed in the hyperuranium of moral and ethical duties, but a precise, clear gesture from which contacts and contracts can be derived (from Roman law to today). Tradition is in fact delivery, it is the generous gesture of those who bring with them to give to others.

Marco Glaviano Ashley Richardson (St Barth), 1984

In this very high sense of the term, the figure of Marco Glaviano is inextricably linked to that of the fashion tradition. His photographic art, in fact, now as then, is able to convey to us the essence of a precise historical moment and a precise environment: fashion in the 80s.

Marco Glaviano Claudia Schiffer (St Barth), 1990

Be careful though because any nostalgia is banned here. And woe to talk about repechage: Glaviano's work is not confined to the imperfect of the actions that were and are no longer. Because Glaviano's photography is present hic et nunc (Here and Now).

Marco Glaviano Cindy Face, 1991

His role in the consecration (and creation) of the supermodel cult is undeniable. His indispensable presence on the pages of magazines such as Vogue and Harper's is true in the years in which they reached the peak of their influence and splendor. His contribution was decisive in delivering the talents of Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova to the world. Finally, his role as a ferryman of photography in the digital age is essential.

Marco Glaviano Stephanie Seymour (Paris), 1985

Undeniable, true, decisive and essential as his artistic relevance capable of re-proposing that vibrant state of unbalanced fervor which is still found today in the colours, poses, sets and lights of his most recent works.

Marco Glaviano Stephanie Seymour (St Barth), 1985

An ability to be more than just existing, which from May 1st will be celebrated in New York with the exhibition Marco Glaviano | The '80s at the prestigious Space Gallery St Barth. A great monograph that tells the story of the relationship between Glaviano and the city that he called home for 40 years, that tells us about the golden age of fashion but at the same time gives us back the analytical tools to decode the great tableau vivant that is fashion today with its seething contradictions, its ineluctable imperatives, its inscrutable and fascinating wavering wanderings.


1 May - 15 June 2019

Space Gallery St Barth, New York

Marco Glaviano Cindy Crawford (St Barth), 1984



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