Published by Spaghettimag.
Issue #14 (Pages 218 - 221)
February 2022
Written by Alessandro Romito



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Giorgio Pasqualetti Paseo, 2019, Acrylic painting on canvas (76.8 x 51.2 in / 195 x 130 cm)

I see what beauty my eyes capture, it's not a quote, it's what each of us does without realizing it. The vision of beauty is an instinctive act that we perform to survive what we consider ugly or what makes our lives ugly. The "beauty" in art is represented by a photographic shot or trapped in the color of a painting or even frozen, or rather crystallized in stone and marble by the hands of a sculptor.

“Beauty” is the vision that art has handed down to us for centuries but it is also the interpretation of the forms shaped by man and nature, which our gaze cannot help but analyze or simply see. Seeing beauty is therefore an instinctive act for many of us and for others it is the ability to analyze and represent, thus transforming the vision into a message.

It is the artists who convey this message through interpretation, they allow all of us to see the "beauty" where we have not been able to scrutinize it.

Giorgio Pasqualetti Jeju Island (diptych), 2021, Acrylic paintings on canvas (39.4 x 55 in  / 100 x 140 cm)

Giorgio Pasqualetti suggests one of the many possible ways of seeing the beauty in what surrounds us and which, at first glance, has escaped us.

He does this through the architecture of our cities, transfiguring them into pure solids, built more from color than from lines. Giorgio Pasqualetti plays, he sees the beauty of the vertical geometries of the buildings, he sees the beauty of the buildings reflected on the river or in the sea. He sees cities cut by light which sculpt the color, transforming it into solid material on the canvas. Not the caress of the brush but the decisive gesture of the chisel that draws full shapes as if made of reinforced concrete, but which the light makes light and weightless.

Images that are abstract at first glance but on the contrary evocative of the complexity of the shapes. Synthetic lines that reinterpret the complexity of our cities and redesign them pure, without details, leaving us the possibility of completing their totality through imagination.

There is something true in the essentiality of this abstractionism because it constantly depicts the scene in a precise time of day, the hottest one; the one in which the sun does not cast shadows.

Giorgio Pasqualetti Vicens, 2020, Oil and acrylic on canvas (31.48 x 23.62 in / 80 x 60 cm)

Giorgio Pasqualetti Elizalde, 2020, Acrylic on canvas (23.62 x 19.84 in / 60 h x 50 cm)

Giorgio Pasqualetti Table Mountain, 2021, Acrylic on canvas (39.4 x 28.7 in / 100 x 73 cm). Courtesy of a private collector in New York.

Light, therefore, together with color, are the characterizing elements of Giorgio Pasqualetti's painting, two elements that the artist never separates but which, on the contrary, unites and merges into a single three-dimensional solid without specific weight.

A colored light that refers to the sunny atmospheres of his beloved Spain, the place of the painter's artistic training. The Spain of Antoni Gaudì's fluid and colorful architecture. The Spain of Pablo Picasso and its arenas immortalized in the hottest light of day.

View of the Giorgio Pasqualetti studio in Rome

The artist Giorgio Pasqualetti and his painting: Ha Long Bay (diptych), 2021, Acrylic on canvas (39.40 x 78.70 in / 100 x 200 cm). Courtesy of a private collector in Milan.

Giorgio Pasqualetti was born on November 16, 1975 in Rome where he attended the Roman Institute of Graphic Arts. Active artistically especially since the Catalan period when, in 2013, painting became a constant and fundamental presence in his life. 


Enthusiastic about the multicultural fabric of Barcelona, he found the source of inspiration that fuels his painting style and that combines the fascinating Catalan culture with the elegant Italian style. Pasqualetti has attracted the attention of prominent Italian curators and collectors and has received international press coverage in Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair and GQ as an artist to watch. 


In the fall of 2019, the artist made his New York City debut. Giorgio Pasqualetti currently lives between Barcelona, Milan and Rome and is represented by Space SBH Gallery in New York, St. Barth and Monte Carlo.



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