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5 October 2010
Written by Cesare Cunaccia


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Marco Glaviano, Paulina Porizkova and Massimiliano Finazzer Flory

Despite the pouring rain and the whipping gusts of a gloomy, siroccal wind, the official opening of the Jazz & Models exhibition by Marco Glaviano - a vast anthology dedicated to the photographer of Sicilian origins whose career took place mainly in the USA - held yesterday on the evening of 4 October, it was a real success, with such an important participation that it required the staggered admission of the invited public to the rooms on the ground floor of Palazzo Morando in via Sant'Andrea.


Glaviano's career is represented along an itinerary of over 130 images starting from the 70s, which retrace the major themes expressed by the famous photographer, born in Palermo in 1942, based between Milan and NYC. Naturally the cornerstone of the exhibition focused on the female universe, especially through legendary models of the roaring 80s such as Cindy Crawford, Carol Alt, Eva Herzigova and the then very young Czech Paulina Porizkowa, still beautiful and ethereal, much admired at the vernissage ( together with her husband Ric Ocasek) as Glaviano's beloved most recent muse, Eva Riccobono - with sound designer Matteo Ceccarini - and danseuse Eleonora Abbagnato.

Paulina Porizkova and Marco Glaviano

There is fashion, the nude, but also a large section that tells of a musical passion and a network of friendships that are fundamental for Marco Glaviano, the one that explores the world of jazz with masterful portraits of sacred monsters such as Chet Baker, Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie. The young Alex Trebo's jazz group played live, providing the most suitable background for the narration of the large black and white images.


Particularly appreciated was a thematic area specifically designed for the exhibition event, curated by the culture councilor of the Municipality of Milan Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, by Alessia Glaviano and Cesare Cunaccia. It is a tribute to Milan and its female protagonists**, Milan as a woman's city**, ranging freely between different generations and territories of belonging, with leading figures such as Roberta Armani, Marta Brivio Sforza, Pupi Solari, l the unrepeatable Marta Marzotto, her niece Beatrice Borromeo, all naturally present at the inauguration last night, the eccentric and wonderful allure of Anna Piaggi.


The image of white Caprese is vivid, born from a book joint venture with 100% Capri.


Afterwards, from 9.30 onwards, Marta Marzotto wanted to celebrate Glaviano with a large dinner at the Hotel Bulgari, where among others Karina Brignone, Alba Parietti and Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea, Paulina Porizkowa, Giuseppe Gazzoni, Anna Rusconi arrived. , Alessandro Belgiojoso, Roberta Balsamo, Lucio Bonaccorsi. The exhibition remains open until November 7th.

Marta Brivio Sforza

Marco Glaviano and Pupi Solari

Matteo Ceccarini and Eva Riccobono

Alessia Glaviano and Paola Turci

Anna Monroy and Cesare Cunaccia

Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, Marta Marzotto and Marco Glaviano

Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova

Marco Glaviano and Romana Severini

Francesca Versace

Nicolò Cardi

Natalia Belova

Giovanni Gastel

Alessia, Marco and Adriana Glaviano

Francesco Mondadori and Ludovica Bonini

Costantino della Gherardesca

Adrianna and Marco Glaviano

Martina Colombari

Mita and Neige De Benedetti

Riccardo and Giorgia Gay

Grazia Neri

Mita De Benedetti

Maria Mulas

Alba Parietti and Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea

Marta Marzotto and Cesare Cunaccia

Massimiliano Finazzer Flory and Toni Ajello



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