Published by Glamurama
17 September 2019
Written by Morgana Bressiani



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Black Square series by Lucio Salvatore

Lucio Salvatore's creative process takes place in his studio surrounded by plants that the artist cares for religiously, and which accompany his daily work and meditations. At ArtRio 2019, which takes place from September 19th to 22nd, the artist will offer each collector a plant, challenging them to take on the responsibility of caring for it, as much as a work of art. In this case, Salvatore proposes a ‘commitment to collecting beyond the object, from the aesthetic and intellectual experience to the act of caring, which activates consciousness within and above all towards the other, towards the place of art.


During the exhibition, he presents the series “O Quadrado Preto” (Black Square) with works developed in quarries that, as often happens in his creations, are the result of a combination of appropriation of processes, records of experiences, sculpture and painting. Salvatore creates a topology similar to the walls of an operational quarry before being reduced to sand and dust. The artist transfers the shapes of the rock to the canvas through a frottage process. Printed monotypes preserve the shape of the stone before its illusory solidity is disintegrated by the quarry's operations.

Lucio Salvatore

ArtRio 2019

19 - 22 September 2019



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