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Winter 2023
05 January 2024
Written by Katie Lister and Gisele Lacoursiere
Photo Credits: Astrida Valigorsky - Getty images, Marthe Sobzac and Théo Questel
Film Credit: Hugo Allard 



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St Barth's second annual gala and art benefit took place on January 3rd with a dual mission. The event raised funds for two important causes: THE GREEN, supporting environmental protection on the island, and THE HEART, supporting Dr. Yves Journo's Le Cœur de St Barth, a cardiology program promoting health in Saint Barth. The evening was presented by Art Saint Barth and co-hosted by Laurie Lynn and Kristian Stark at Ocean Club St Barths.



The second edition of Art Saint Barth’s annual fundraising gala and auction took place on January 3rd, 2024 at The Ocean Club St Barths overlooking the Gustavia harbour.


The Green Hearts Gala charity benefit served two missions: THE GREEN and THE HEART, in support of two associations. Firstly, Le Cœur de St Barth, founded by cardiologist Dr. Journo, which funds the medical needs of the cardiology care in Saint Barth. Secondly, The local associations, in their joint mission of environmental protection on the island of St Barth. St Barth is recognized for its natural beauty worldwide, and there is a need to conserve it in such a critical time. 

The Green Hearts Gala 2024

Film Credit: Hugo Allard 

The evening’s agenda, which was co-hosted by mother-son duo Laurie Lynn and Kristian Stark of the Chrome Hearts family and legacy, included a cocktail reception, an intimate dinner for 100 VIP guests and an auction led by de PURY auction house featuring 25 artworks from renowned artists along with rare luxury items.

Cristian Stark, Laurie Lynn Stark, Jordan Barrett and Mollie Mae Rolfe

Co-Host Kristian Stark

The Stark family has always felt a connection with nature. They are beekeepers, gardeners, equestrians, surfers, water lovers, outdoor seekers.  Coming together, they wished to amplify the positive footprint that they can leave on the island and on the planet.


Bringing cardiolology services and facilities to St Barth is a cause close to Laurie Lynn’s heart, quite literally: “My personal approach is to put as much of my energy as I possibly can into the efforts at hand, since I lost my father to the lack of proper cardiology healthcare,” says Laurie Lynn Stark. “I made it a mission to to invest time and energy into making sure that St Barth has a better system will not let another life and not let an unnecessary situation happen like we as a family experienced.” 


In attendance were the rest of the Stark family including Richard, Jessie Jo and Frankie B; Yungblud, Molly Mae Rolfe, Ryland Storms, Jordan Barrett, Polychain Founder Olaf Carlson-Wee, Ming and Aoki Lee Simmons, Jacques Zolty, Anna Michaela Tchorbadjiev, Victoria Silvstedt, Artist Daniel Arsham; Jordan Barrett, Artist Victor Matthews, Artist Tony Caramanico and his wife Charlotte, Space Gallery Director Natalie Clifford, Chrome Hearts Advisory Board Member Jim DeMare, and Art Saint Barth founders Philippe Combres and Jenny Mannerheim. 

Dr Journo, Philipe Combres and Jenny Mannerheim

Photos of the Stark family at the The Green Hearts Gala:

Chrome Hearts Founders Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark; Olaf Carlson-Wee

Anastasia Boil and Laurie Lynn Stark

Jesse Jo Stark

Yungblud and Jesse Jo Stark

Frankie Belle Stark and Ryland Storms

Frankie Belle Stark

The evening was made possible thanks to The Green Hearts Gala partners, some of which have been with the annual benefit since day one for the first annual gala, and some new this year.


With profound gratitude, this benefit would not exist without the help and generosity of The Stark Family and Chrome Hearts, the benefit’s platinum Patron.  

With respect to nature conservation, Laurie Lynn’s goal is to “assist and work with the local environment associations with their knowledge and expertise and try to educate people with a greener friendlier solution, somehow together we can make a change. It’s the only way it happens. It’s a small, beautiful place worth protecting and I would like to explore all possibilities and conversations, starting about water, sewage gardens on the island, anything to improve and protect this precious island.

Powered by de PURY auction house, founded by legendary auctioneer Simon de Pury, the auction featured 25 items comprised of works by renowned artists and rare items donated by partners.  “I was thrilled that de PURY could support this year’s Green Hearts Gala in St. Barth and thereby help to raise funds for THE GREEN and THE HEART of St Barth,” says Simon de Pury. “All of St Barth regular visitors love this magical island. It is wonderful to witness when that love is expressed in giving back.


The auction was especially made possible thanks to the generosity of Maria Angela Ventura and Natalie Clifford from Space Gallery who partnered up with several artists that they represent - including Victor Matthews, Marco Glaviano, Hannah Polskin, Gilles Bensimon, Rémy de Haenen, and Philip Colbert - to donate a selection of works.

Marco Moreno, Hannah Polskin, Kate Percival, Victor Matthews, Natalie Clifford and Amy Tolley.

Natalie Clifford and Paolo Nicola Rossini

Victor Matthews and Natalie Clifford

Artworks in auction by Victor Mathews and Hannah Polskin.

Hannah Polskin

Roger Moreau

Roger Moreau's Coeur de St Barth, Bronze St Barth Heart sculpture in auction.

Rémy de Haenen in auction

Gilles Bensimon's "Flowers in Water"

Marco Glaviano in auction

Gilles Bensimon's "Flowers in Water" and Philip Colbert

Philippe Combres and Mariangela Ventura

Marco Moreno, Natalie Clifford and Paolo Nicola Rossini.

Gil Manzuri and Hannah Polskin

Kate Percival and Victor Matthews

Victor Matthews

Hal Sears and Roger Moreau

Natalie Clifford and Jacques Zolty

Gil Manzuri, Natalie Clifford Hannah Polskin and Amy Tolley

Artists that individually donated their paintings, photographic prints and sculptural works include Daniel Arsham, Tui Nantaya Bhirombhakdi, The Haas Brothers, Tony Caramanico, Rachel Hayes, Krista Kim, Emilie Lab, Jessica Lichtenstein, Robert Montgomery, Roger Moreau, Brian Bowen Smith, Laurie Lynn Stark, José Parlá, Marthe Sobczak, and Enoc Perez.


Rare luxury items were donated by Alexandra Llewellyn & The Ocean Club St Barths, Barons de Rothschild Champagne, Chrome Hearts, and Tradewind Aviation. 


Additional patrons that contributed significantly to making this gala benefit possible include Vilebrequin and Summum Architecture for their continued support since the first year as well as L’OFFICIEL St Barth and Ante Insulae as media partners, Tradewind Aviation, and Eden Rock St Barth as travel and hospitality partners.

Surrounded by the Ocean Club St Barth’s decor, guests were immersed in a jungle of green hearts made of local palm plants. The evening’s hospitality was tastefully put together by The Ocean Club St Barth and Executive Chef Jarad McCaroll, who provided an exceptional venue and dinner menu, a culinary experience starting with their signature starter Our Island in shape of St Barth or a Red Snapper tartare, followed by the choice of Waygu Bavette or Mahi Mahi, to round up with the iconic dessert Caviar Illusion served with a selection of wines and with the excellent Champagne Barons de Rothschild.

Guests were immersed in a jungle of green hearts made of local palm plants. 

Executive Chef Jarad McCarroll's  iconic dessert Caviar Illusion

Executive Chef Jarad McCarroll

Guests enjoyed the auction dinner under a sky of limited edition artist flag pieces by Utöpia designed by artists. Utöpia agency’s mission fills a gap within St Barth’s cultural programming as it focuses on unifying the power of art and to support environmental causes and promote social good. Utöpia’s and Istanbul’74 ‘Flags For Future’ project represents the crossroads between art and activism, highlighting ways to recycle ocean waste, using 100% upcycled ocean plastic to create the beautiful and meaningful art pieces. 

limited edition artist flag pieces by Utöpia designed by artists.

Following a successful benefit, The Green Hearts Gala will be giving the proceeds from the evening and auction to Dr Journo’s Le Coeur de St Barth and the local environment associations, under the umbrella of the Territorial Environment Agency.  Art Saint Barth and the Stark Family truly hope their efforts and the funds donated will lead to significant, positive impact on St Barth for years to come, and will set an example for other communities around the world.  It takes one drop to make a ripple effect.


Everyone can make a difference and save lives.



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