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Feb 5, 2024
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Space Gallery St Barth is delighted to present the Spirit of the Wind series by the artist, Isabelle Lindbergh.


"For this series, my work has focused on my favorite element: Air. Air gives a feeling of elevation and strong energy. The essence of my pictures consists of metaphors responding to the expression of nature though humans but also the connections they have with their environment. I aim to tell a unique story with each piece, and invite the viewer to adopt new perspectives when contemplating a piece. Each piece starts with the location and feeling the energy of the place, then the connection that the model feels and expresses in situ."

The endless landscapes that form the backdrop and inspiration are totally sauvage and immediately recognisable as St Barth. Nothing superficial, only nature and human. Lindbergh likes to let the models move in their own way, connecting with the wind and being pulled from one side to the other by the long 16 metre silver sheet, which she uses to harness the power of the wind - making the invisible, visible. Nature is part of the storytelling and its unpre- dictability plays the co-starring role in these pieces. It is a dance between the elements and the model. These innocent moments are always organic and free-spirited.

Isabelle Lindbergh Connections, 2022 Limited edition black & white Piezography print photography. 

"In my work, we feel mobility and freedom. The pieces focus on my ability to capture the place and the model in movement. It’s important for me to find people that are not just models. They also have a story, something to tell us. For me photography goes beyond the limits of concepts and imaginations, and my photography aims to express what we feel but cannot see."

From the photoshoot through to the production of the print, every step is important. The printing process used is Piezography ,which is the high- est-standard in black and white printing. It is the only system capable of printing tens of thousands of gray levels that capture the depth and nuance of the image. This is produced from the increased load of high quality carbon pigment being printed combined with up to seven shades of carbon ink.

Isabelle Lindbergh Butterfly, 2022 Limited edition black & white Piezography print photography.

Photographer and pilot Isabelle Lindbergh, was born in Senlis near Paris, France. Granddaughter of Amer- ican aviator Charles Lindbergh, (the first to cross the North Atlantic non-stop. In May 1927). Lindbergh formalised her exploration of the arts by embarking on photography studies at some of the most renowned schools in France, including the ESSAG Penninghen graphic art school in Paris and Les Gob- lins Paris. In 2015 she obtained her Masters in pho- tography. Since graduating 10 years ago, Lindbergh’s "savoir-faire" has been requested in various fields, from fashion, cosmetics and luxury to music. Her focus has now turned to fine art and having the free- dom to explore her full creative vision.

"Today I feel confident in my approach and it is important for me to express my artistic language outside of the advertising world, devoting myself to more personal and intimate series that reveal a search for sincerity, simplicity and authenticity."

Isabelle Lindbergh's Spirit of The Wind limited edition series is available in three sizes:


Small: 24 x 16 in (60 x 40 cm) Edition of 15
Large: 41.33 x 27.55 in (105 x 70 cm) Edition of 10
XL: 39.37 x 59 in (100 x 150 cm) Edition of 5

Isabelle Lindbergh Skyflow, 2022 Limited edition black & white Piezography print photography. 

Isabelle Lindbergh Archer, 2022 Limited edition black & white Piezography print photography. 

Space Gallery carries a selection of photography, painting and sculpture. 

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Visit us at the Carré D’Or in Gustavia between Hermès and Cartier. 

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