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Dec 28, 2023



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Philip Colbert Flower Study From The Lobster Land Museum (White, Red, Pink, Yellow), 2020

The Scottish artist has donated his piece "Flower Study From The Lobster Land Museum" to the Green Hearts Gala. 


Inspired by early influential pop artists like Lichtenstein, Rosenquist and Hamilton, Philip Colbert works across a multitude of mediums blending high art with pop, and narrating many of his works through a lobster alter ego figure. His work explores themes of digital culture and its connections and patterns tied to art history as a whole. Through this alter ego, Colbert satirizes the cultural landscape and infuses his work with symbols representative of contemporary culture. He has collaborated with brands like Rolex, Montblanc, and COMME des Garçons among others, and his work has been exhibited in institutions worldwide, gaining acclaim from art world figures such as Charles Saatchi & Simon De Pury.


In honor of the upcoming Green Hearts Gala, Colbert has donated a piece to the auction which will be held in collaboration with de Pury. The works for auction in the gala range from precious artowrks to limited edition rare items, all unique and one of a kind in their own right. The night will be an opportunity to come together for a larger cause, as the proceeds will benefit the creation of crucial cardiac health infrastructure on the island and go to the protection of the environment on the island as a whole.

The Green Hearts Gala


The yearly gala hosted by Art Saint Barth returns to the island for another night of extraordinary programming and impactful fundraising. On January 3rd 2024, The Green Hearts Gala will be brought to you by Utöpia and Art Saint Barth, with the generous support of Chrome Hearts, Vilebrequin, Summum, and Space Gallery St Barth.


The Benefit Auction’s proceeds will support two associations: Le Cœur de St Barth, which funds the medical needs of the cardiology care in Saint Barth, and The Territorial Environment Agency, and its local associations, in their joint mission of environmental protection on the island of St Barth.

The Green Hearts Gala

January 03, 2024


Ocean Club St Barths


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