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Christian Voigt Gustavia Day, 2012, (Edition of 7) (98.43 x 36.22 in | 250 x 92 cm)

The Hotel St Barth Isle de France presents a selection of leading internationally established artists in a temporary exhibition through the month of April. This exhibition is comprised of paintings and photography on the themes of the sea, the elements, and landscapes. The exhibit is presented by Space SBH Contemporary Art Gallery.

Presented in St Barth for the first time is photography by Christian Voigt. His large panoramas capture Gustavia's picturesque harbor by day and by night. Landscapes and architecture are his principle focus and he has photographed extensively different countries and cultures. A full portfolio of his work is available and he often works on a monumental scale.

The large, textured blue paintings by internationally renowned Mario Arlati are reminiscent of the island environment in which he lives. He attempts on his canvases to capture the symbiosis between the elements and nature and his blue pieces capture the movement and depth of the sky or the ocean or the surface of a cliff or rock face that has been formed by years of exposure to the sun and the wind and the sea. His works are striking in the simplicity yet profundity of their beauty.

Cuban artist Julio Larraz's work is also on view. Larraz is an artist who likes to create suggestion of what more is going on in the scene beyond what we see. His piece 'The Left Wing' captures a window view onto a tropical and idyllic landscape. We are intrigued and do not know whether we are arriving or leaving or where we are. Larraz is best known for his precise and detailed technique, his imagination, and his unique subtle touch, all of which have helped affirm his reputation as one of the most important contemporary Latin American painters.

Local photographer Jacques Zolty has been photographing the St Barth Bucket for as long as can be remembered. Here, the J-Class Yacht Ranger is seen elegantly slicing through the waves— just one of his many iconic shots in this series of the most beautiful sailing yachts in the world. 

Julio Larraz The Left Wing

Jacques Zolty Ranger, 2012 Limited edition photograph (37.40 x 27.56 in | 95 x 70 cm )

Mario Arlati Colors, 2014 Mixed media on canvas (24.02 x 18.11 in | 61 x 46 cm)

Marco Glaviano Cindy Crawford Kiss Portfolio, 2014, (Edition of 50) Photograph on canvas with Diamond Dust Crystal (23.40 x 17.70 in | 59.44 x 44.96 cm)



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