Saint Barth Photo Festival in Monaco Life

Monaco Life
Monday, August 6, 2018

  Saint Barth Photo Festival The inaugural edition of Saint Barth Photo Festival will run through the summer, from July 20th to August 20th, and comprises a diverse and full program, including a photography competition, art/ photography workshops and island wide displays of photography to transform St Barth into a hub of photography. Exhibitions will […]

Space Galeria Miami – Retrospectiva Marco Glaviano
February 14th, 2018

            El pasado martes la galería Space Gallery Miami Contemporary Art inauguró Glaviano 50, una retrospectiva del icónico fotógrafo Marco Glaviano que abarca cincuenta años de su trabajo y que ya ha recorrido Europa, St. Barth y Canadá. Marco Glaviano, uno de los nombres más famosos en la industria de […]

Kieran Walsh exhibit ends this month

St Barts Life
August 10, 2017

By Staff Writer –   Kieran Walsh has the honour of being the first artist to see his works grace the walls at the recently inaugurated Gustavia Yacht Club. The landscape photographer’s series on St Barts, currently on display, captures and celebrates the island’s natural beauty. “I thought this would be an appropriate first exhibition at the Gustavia […]

Photographer Pierre Carreau captures the beauty of ocean waves

Artistic Odyssey
April 2017

In his poetic photography series called “AquaViva,” Pierre Carreau aims to depict the powerful energy of the oceans waves. The Parisian-born, Caribbean-based photographer utilizes his visual style to, “transfer the waves’ energy to those who view them.” Sculpture-like and powerful, the images illustrate the interplay of motion, light, and composition. The overall result invites the […]

Maryam Eisler : Searching for Eve in the American West

April 2017

Maryam Eisler is a London-based photographer, editor, and art patron. Born in Iran, she was raised in international schools first in Paris followed by the US. She holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MBA from Columbia University. She has held editorial roles on several art publications such as: Sanctuary: Britain’s Artists and their […]