Jean-Philippe Piter | Private Session

Private Session by Jean-Philippe Piter | Soho
Dates: June 24, 2021
Exhibition will have a soft opening @ 12 pm on June 24, 2021

Space Gallery St Barth is proud to present a comprehensive solo exhibition of photography by French artist Jean-Philippe Piter with a selection of (25) pieces, comprising news works and some of his timeless classics.

For the most part, Jean-Philippe shoots his images variously between St Barth, Bahamas, and Miami and the natural beauty of those places play a big part in the ambiance and beauty of the images he creates. Nature is definitely the second protagonist with each piece celebrating its own muse. The works are fun, playful, and sexy - and always mixed with the artist’s signature humor. Jean-Philippe captures the essence of the women and soul of the landscapes he photographs. His pieces are cheeky and fun and make you smile – the works are free-spirited and are a fun twist on the classic nude. The pieces titled after the model in the photograph, reflect the energy depending on the muse – some bring a sexy energy, some fun, some serene or cool, and laid back.